Wessex Guernsey Association Open Day 2014

The Wessex Guernsey Association held an Open Day at Bickfield Farm, Compton Martin, Nr Bristol on Saturday August 23rd, by kind invitation of the Durbin Family. The weather was perfect and around 50 people enjoyed a very full day.

We started with a two ring Stock-judging competition which was judged by local man Darren Forsey, who was a former HYB member and is now an Area Manager for Agricentre. Darren gave an informative commentary on the classes and did not receive too many disagreements!


Dry Cow line up which was topped by Bickfield Phylis 18, last years S.W. Dairy Show Reserve Champion.


Cow in Milk line up topped by Bickfield Indus 7 a cow much admired by all visitors.

Also on show in these classes was Bickfield Linda 52, dam of Bickfield Grand Slam who is being considered for GGBP selection.


After the stock-judging, there was a chance to look around the high yielding section of the herd. These animals are on a 12 hour milking split and are grass fed by day and night and fed a partial TMR ration at milking times. Some 30 heifers have calved over the past five weeks, boosting the total numbers in milk to around 250.


Bickfield Golden Blanche 13 by B. Luxury Ambionic.


Bickfield Bramble 35 ,a daughter of Mint.


Bickfield Dot 119, freshly calved heifer by Bickfield Chillerie


Bickfield Suprema 110 by Marksman, calved 3 weeks, would have been our autumn show’s heifer in milk.


Bickfield Daisy 95, a typical Ezekiel daughter at Bickfield, whose progeny have consistantly topped our classification averages in the Good Plus range.

Visitors were also invited to judge a picture competition of former champions. They paid £1, (50p for juniors) and the winner was Jackie Langley who was £18 better off. Junior winner was her daughter Elissa!

Lunch was a wonderful Hog Roast, which was cooked to perfection by May and aided by her daughters, Lesley, Diana and Julie. We were then treated to a taste of “Chew Moo’s” Ice Cream, very kindly provided by the Parfitt Family who farm only a few miles away. A big “thank you ” to them for providing the ice cream.




After lunch, we presented our Association Trophies. Here is a list of winners:

Bucknall Cup-for the 10 cows with the highest weight of F+P.

1. Griffin         745.5kg

2. Durbin        650.7kg

3. Bartlett       627.4kg


James Bartlett receives his Certificate from EGCS President, John Berry.

Lady Walker- Memorial Bowl for the highest weight of Fat.

1. Griffin         Briddlesford Oaks Foxglove 3           476kg

2. Bartlett       Hinton Brenda                                      415kg

3. Durbin        Bickfield Elizabeth 12                          393kg

Blake Trophy- for the highest weight of Protein.

1. Griffin           Briddlesford Delta’s Buttercup         326kg

2. Bartlett         Hinton Brenda                                     294kg

3. Durbin          Bickfield Elizabeth 12                         293kg

Tom Emm- Trophy for highest weight of F+P

1. Griffin             Briddlesford Delta’s Buttercup        800kg

2. Bartlett           Hinton Brenda                                    709kg

3. Durbin            Bickfield Elizabeth 12                        676kg

Bibby Trophy- for 3 cows or heifers with highest average CPI

1. Griffin              June Oak                        130 CPI

2. Durbin             June Oak                        129.7 CPI

3. Durbin             Luxury Ambionic          119.3 CPI

4. Bartlett             Easby Rowan                 118 CPI

Millennium Trophy- for the cow with the highest lifetime yield of F+P

1. Durbin       Bickfield Lillian 11                4357kg


Maurice and May’s Grandchildren, Rachel and Aiden accept the Millennium Trophy from John Berry.

Nitrovit Trophy- for the best Home Bred cow on Inspection.

1. Durbin           Bickfield Indus 7

2. Bartlett          Hinton Clarity

3. Parfitt            Graylands Elissa 9


Winner-Bickfield Indus 7


Elissa collects the Certificate on behalf of Grandad, Colin.

Waterstone Plate -for the best Heifer on Inspection.

1. Durbin            Bickfield Rainbow 66

2. Bartlett           Wiltown Claudia

3. Phillips            Bourton Shalford  Princess 2


Sally Phillips collects her prize for the Heifer Plate.



Winner-Bickfield Rainbow 66.


2nd prize-Wiltown Claudia.


3rd prize- Bourton Shalford Princess 2.


Thicket Mead Production and Inspection Cup-points awarded on Production and Insp.

1. Durbin             Linda Family               694.75

2. Bartlett            Clover Family              643.75

3. Durbin              Liz Family                   623.5

4. Parfitt               Elissa Family              577.5

The results of the Stock Judging were then announced.


1. Jo Clarke

2. Colin Evans

3. Nick Clarke


Jo Clarke receives her award from Darren Forsey.

Under 16.

1. Lizzy Clarke

2. Justina Langley

3. Elissa Langley

Wessex Branch.

1. Brian Adams

2. Andrew Payling

3. Sally Phillps.

(Apologies to the rest of the winners for lack of photos as my camera ran out of battery!)

Thank you to everyone for making the effort to attend. It was a very enjoyable day. Laura and I would like to thank the Durbin Family for hosting the event. Also thanks to our Judges, Darren Forsey for the Stock-judging and Richard Norman for the Association Competitions, Rob Chivers for helping to wash the cows, Phillip, George, Lesley, Jason and Rob for leading in the Stock-Judging and lastly to Jan Chivers and Jodie Sales for doing the scoring.

Kim Sales.



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