A Brief Introduction to the EGCS

The English Guernsey Cattle Society was established in 1884 to provide a record of ancestry of Guernsey Cattle imported at around that time from Guernsey Island. The Herd Book  has been published on an annual basis in every year since, and lists the parentage and ownership and from the 1920’s has included milk production records. These records are now available in an electronic form through the UK Dairy Cattle website at www.ukcows.com.

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The EGCS have a Council of members some of whom are elected by members, there are also Regional council members and these members meet to set a budget to cover the costs of administration which is mainly levied on an annual cost per cow.

EGCS are also involved in the selection of young bulls with high breeding potential and the collection and sale of their semen.

Annual awards are presented to recognize the high yielding and high type animals as well as bull progeny and cow family competitions.

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North Somerset Show 2022.

There were 6 cattle forward at the first show of the season for John Berry to judge. Richard Norman and the Dawes family were the exhibitors present. Champion was dry cow, Trewey Legend Rosie and reserve was Emma eve Excalibur Rosie, an in calf heifer, both former ABAB calf Champions from Richard Norman and PollyContinue reading

The EGCS Producer and Processor Meeting

The EGCS Producer and Processor Meeting is taking place at the Farm Shop and Deli Show , at the NEC. The plan is to me meet in the Atrium of the NEC at 11.00am on the 27 of April. The show is free to attend so please visit the show website to register for your tickets.

Judges Workshop

The Judges Workshop for 2022 will be held on Wednesday 20th April 2022 by kind invitation of Matt Blanch at St Andrews Farm, Andrews Hill, Billingshurst, West Sussex. James Warren will act as Master Judge. The day is open to all members not just those qualified as a judge, so if you would like to learn more, weContinue reading