Visitor from Italy 2014

Lorenzo Leso who had visited the UK at the end of April to act as translator for his friend Simone, expressed a wish to return and work with Guernseys and to study grazing systems, which he is keen to pioneer in the Po valley of Italy. Grass is grown there and typically is cut five times in a seasom making use of flood irrigation from the River Po., but it is all fed fresh having been cut and chopped in the field or made into hay (no grass silage is allowed because of a fear of taint of the famous Parmesan cheese).

Lorenzo spent the week at Overton Farm working alongside David Paull, but also visited Coral and Matthew Senior at North Perrott and James Bartlett at Mudford to see how they use Grass.

Lorenso is trying to persuade his father to turn out his Holstein herd to grass, but longer term plans to use Guernsey semen to produce a cow better suited to life at grass.

Lorenzo and James

Lorenzo and James

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