Top price of 2000gns at Exeter Market on Friday November 15th .

The reduction sale of  Pedigree Guernseys for Philip and Caroline Cox saw a top price of 2000gns for a 1st calf heifer Bourton Clover 37 by Oak Knob Maxie Laredo. She has two generations of VG behind her and joins the Hillcol Herd of Colin and Hillary Evans of Carmarthen, S. Wales. Colin also purchased Bourton Shalford Bess 2 at 1900gns and Bourton Golden Grace 7 at 1650gns.



Bourton Clover 37 second heifer in.

Merion Jones, also of  S. Wales, purchased 2 lots and 2 non-pedigree guernsey heifers from the other consignments at the sale.


Main buyer of calved cows was Andrew Lewis of Barnstable, who purchased 16 lots and a bunch of yearling heifers to join the Hartland View Herd. He also added the two in-calf heifers from John Marks present at the sale.


The other main buyer was James Bartlett of Somerset who added 6 cows and 2 yearlings to the Hinton Herd.


Others purchasing adult cattle and young stock were, Chris and Louise Carpenter, Melville and Nicola Jelbert, Sally and Nigel Phillips and Mr Plowman from Dorset who with Mr James were the only non-members to purchase cattle from the sale.


Purchasing youngstock were John Marks, Les Rockett, Robert Page, Mr James from Carlisle and the Richard Norman and Sales Family partnership.


Thirteen of the adult cattle made over 1500 gns.

Averages were as follows:

31 In milk/Dry  1338gns

6 In-Calf Heifers  937gns

15 Bulling Heifers  501gns

11 Yearlings  488gns


This sale must help our breeders who have TB restrictions, in the valuing of their cattle, being the first sale through the auction ring for some time.

Kim Sales.


  1. Oh, thanks so much for that comemnt, Chris! To answer your question, Heifer always works with and through established community groups and THEY choose who gets the gifts of the cows .. and who gets the passing on gift, too. That way, it is not Heifer (that is always staffed by people native to the country they are working in) making the decision but the people themselves deciding who most needs the animal. That’s also the reason they use the white folded pieces of paper with the cow’s tag numbers on them so everybody picks their own animal, and there can be no charges of favoritism it’s really such a SMART system!! xooxox b

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