Supreme Champion at the Royal Cornwall 2013

Tredinney Yogis Gabrielle 2 became the first Guernsey in living memory to win Supreme at the Royal Cornwall and only the sixth Guernsey in the last 30 years to take a Supreme Championship. She came out today looking better than she had on Thursday a great credit to James Warren and his hard working team.


James Warren has since discovered that the late Chris Waters won Supreme in 1977 with Kirthen Helen and that there were Guernsey winners in 1962,1952, and 1947,but given that it was not until the 70’s that Imported North American semen became available the competition from the other dairy breeds has become much greater.

Gabrielle Supreme RCS 13


  1. if Yogis Gabrielle 2 was a lager they would call her “Carlsburg” we’ve all seen and heard the advert. WOW congratulations to the Warrens a cow any dairy man would be proud off. coxy

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