South West Dairy Show 2014. Judges comments from Duncan Vincent now available.

The South West Dairy Show was held at Shepton Mallet on Wednesday October 1st. Eleven exhibitors had 22 adult cattle forward for Judge, Duncan Vincent to place. This would prove to be the coming together of all the Major Show Champions of the summer.

Present was the Devon County Champion, Hamps Valley Annabelle 7, who is now shown dry, Bath & West Champion, Tredinney Yogi’s Primrose 29, Trevider Hercules Linnette, Cornwall Champion and Ermie and Gertie Dorcas who was Breed Champion at The North Somerset Show and the National Livestock Show.

Triumphant on the day was Trevider Hercules Linnette owned by Chris and Louise Carpenter from Devon. This third calver is still looking as fresh as she did back in June and this put her above the Reserve Champion, Ermie and Gertie Dorcas from Hinton Farm. Newcomer in the mix was Caroline Greenslades, Greensfield Lamar Phyllis who was Honourable Mention.


Championship Line Up.

Here are the full results.

Duncan Reports:

It was a great pleasure to be invited to Judge at the S. W. Dairy Show this Autumn and I was very impressed with the quality of animals put forward.

Cow or Heifer In Calf.

1. Pollard & Coryn. Hamps Valley Annabelle 7 by Ghengis.

2. Parfitt. Graylands Beauty 32 by Andante.



Hamps Valley Annabelle caught my eye as soon as she walked into the ring showing strength and balance. Strong legs and feet and a great top line, gave her the advantage over the very dairy Graylands Beauty 32.


Heifer In Calf.

1. Page & Newham. Bourton Lilly 19 by Elliy’s Eric.

2. Greenslade. Greensfield Crunch Glade.

3. Norman & Sales. Bickfield Linda 68 by Andante.

4. Norman & Sales. Bourton Fiona 13 by Double L.

5. Adams. Trewey Prince Poppy 26.

6. Adams. Trewey Andante Jackie 52.


This was one of the strongest classes with  6 put forward. Page and Newham’s Bourton Lily 19 took the honours with good dairy strength, deep chest and good width throughout, but especially over the rump and down through the loin with good legs. Greenslade’s Greesfield Crunch Glade also showed good development with a strong top line and well grown with good dairy character. Bickfield Linda 68 and Bourton Fiona 13 from Norman and Sales were both balanced throughout and showed good dairy character with little to separate them except Linda had slightly more dairyness. It was their tidiness over the rear end which gave them the advantage over the strong Trewey Prince Poppy 26 from the Adams’ with their Andante heifer also showing quality in a strong class.


Heifer In Milk.

1. D & H Cox.  Hamps Valley Jess May 2 by Andante.

2. C & L Carpenter. Fairfield Olivia by Aber Silver flash.

3. Hinton Farm. Wiltown Claudia by Mint.

4. Parfitt. Graylands Elissa 11 by Andante.


Again quality animals forward made it difficult to place these but the power, dairy quality and rear udder of Hamps Valley Jess May 2 gave Glanmor Jerseys the advantage over the quality of teat placement shown by Fairfield Olivia from the Carpenters. Wiltown Claudia from Hinton could also easily stood top, showing good balance and a strong mammary system which eased her above Parfitt’s Graylands Elissa 11.


Junior Cow in Milk.

1. Hinton Farm. Ermie & Gertie Dorcas by Andante.

2. Greenslade. Greensfield Iceberg Junes Star by G. Stinky Iceberg.

3. D & H Cox. Tredinney Yogi’s Primrose 29.

4. Abi Marshall. Blacknor Cracker Banger Boy Bramble.


This class saw Ermie and Gertie Dorcas an easy winner in a strong class of 4. Top line, depth of body and confidence  in the ring, held off any challenge from the very dairy Greensfield Iceberg Junes Star from the Greenslades. In turn, tighter and stronger fore udder eased her above Yogi’s Primrose from Glanmor, the power of which kept her above the very fine and dairy Blacknor Cracker Banger Boy Bramble from Abi Marshall. 


Intermediate Cow.

1. C & L Carpenter. Trevider Hercules Linnette.

2. Jon White. Kingwell Lucky Trout by Cracker Lucky King.


Trevider Hercules Linnette showed great dairy quality with tremendous body depth and mammary to stand above Jon White’s not so Lucky Trout


Senior Cow.

1. Greenslade. Greensfield Lamar Phyliss.

2. Parfitt. Graylands Meadowsweet 52 by G. Samanthas Simon.

3. Parfitt. Graylands Elissa 9 by G. Meadowsweets McCoy.

4. Hinton Farm. Hinton Glitter 3 by Easby Rowan.


Greensfield Lamar Phyliss again showed great body depth and strength to hold off the older 6th lactation Meadowsweet 62, still showing great udder attachment and durability. Cleaner bone and top line gave her the advantage over Elissa 9 also from the Parfitt’s. Hinton Glitter 3, another fine example of the breed but favouring her right rear on the day lessened her impact.



1. Parfitt.

2. Greenslade.


Parfitt’s well matched pair took the advantage over two fine individual animals from the Greenslades.


Breed Champion. C & L Carpenter, Trevider Herculles Linnette.

Reserve Champion. Hinton Farm, Ermie & Gertie Dorcas.

Hon Mention. Caroline Greenslade. Greensfield Lamar Phyliss.

M.O Eddy Memorial Trophy for the Best Heifer, D & H Cox Hamps Valley Jess May 2.

Peter Down Memorial Trophy for Most Points, Parfitt Family.

This was a very close contest and saw the dairy quality, depth of body, prominent milk vein and cleaness of bone from Linnette take the advantage over Ermie and Gertie Dorcas showing great strength and top line with great teat quality. Greensfield Lamar Phyliss gets a well deserved honourable mention for her balance and quality throughout.

Duncan Vincent. 




Jan Chivers (Peter’s sister) presents the Cup to Jo Langely and Colin Parfitt.

Thank you to all exhibitors and helpers and to the stewards, Colin Gleed and Kirtsen Bevis, for ensuring a good quality entry of animals and the smooth running of the classes at this years Dairy show.

Please go to the FGB page to see images of the calves and handlers from Tuesdays calf classes.

Kim Sales.

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