Semen order for Brittany.

T Lizzy Bussow 10

Trewey Lizzy Bussow 10 daughter of Surprise


T Poppy 14

Trewey Poppy 14 VG 86 Daughter of Surprise


    EGCS have recieved an order today for 80 straws of semen from 2 bulls Trewey Surprise and

      Trewarnevas Red Oak, to be used by a group of 4 Herds in Brittany that are managing their herds on an extensive grazing regime and have used Jersey semen in the past.

An interesting opportunity to see how the Guernsey will perform and in a way returning the Guernsey to her    ancestral roots.


Champion Stithians 2012

Trewarnevas Red Oak Ivy Champion Stithians 2012 on a day when the sun was well hidden in Cornwall.



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