Royal Cornwall Show June 9th-11th 2016.

Four Exhibitors had 13 cattle forward for Judge Colin Gleed to inspect. With the unfortunate continuing absence of the  Tredinney Herd of the Warren Family, it was up to Abi Marshall, Pollard and Coryn, Sir Howard Guinness and Norman and Sales to provide a Guernsey interest at the Show. Judge for the day was Colin Gleed who has provided this report of the classes.


I was very pleased to judge some lovely cattle in the sunshine at The Royal Cornwall Show. The quality of the cattle made up for the lack of numbers, with a worthy winner at the top of each class.

The first class was for Maiden Heifer under 12 months old and although there were only 2, they were both of a high standard, with Lucky Cow Princess Annabelle by Yogi’s Prince from Pollard and Coryn just having the edge over Autumn Gold Rio by Levi from Abi Marshall, due to a little more size and scope.


The next class for heifers under 2 years, was won by Norman and Sales Partnership’s Avalon Pinto Fiona by Lindrian Pinto, a lovely stylish heifer with a great top line and extremely promising udder. In 2nd and 3rd place were contrasting heifers from Sir Howard Guinness with White Ladies Marius Graceful 12 having the beating of her Aber Jupiter sister, White Ladies Ruby 95 due to her superior strength.


In the next class there was only one entry from Abi Marshall, a Bourton Eric’s Harry daughter, Bourton Clover 49. She was a strong heifer in calf with a lot of promise.


The Heifer in Milk class produced a battle between Pollard and Coryn’s Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender by Four Winds Dynamic and her former stable mate Lucky Cow Lavender, also by Dynamic and now owned by Norman and Sales. Though both very good heifers, the former had the edge due to her superior balance throughout and an exceptional udder attachment.


The Cow in Calf class was won by Norman and Sales’ Bickfield Linda 68 an Andante daughter whose size, strength and correctness gave her the edge over a tidy but smaller cow, Blacknor Cracker Banger Boy Bramley by Cracker Banger Boy from Abi Marshall.


As there was no Senior Cow Class, the final individual class was the Junior Cow in Milk. This was my toughest class of the day as it contained 3 very striking animals, all of different types. I plumped for Norman and Sales’ Bourton Fiona 13 by Pine Ridge Double L because she was so well balanced throughout with a lovely tidy udder. This gave her the edge over Abi Marshalls big powerful Blacknor Cracker Weston Duchess by Eby Manor Weston, her power gave her the advantage over Sir Howard Gunnness’ White Ladies Ruby 94, an Andante with a lot of class.


Sir Howard Guinness had the only Group of Three forward.


On to a very good Championship which gave me a very difficult decision to make. I plumped for the Heifer in Milk over the smart young Cow in Milk due to the fact she was holding her milk better on the day.

Champion Guernsey, Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender.


Reserve Champion Guernsey, Bourton Fiona 13.


I would like to thank the Stewards, Exhibitors and Stockman, for helping to make a lovely show of Guernseys.

Colin Gleed.

Editor- As there were no class winning milk cows that were Exhibitor Bred, the Maiden Heifer, Avalon Pinto Fiona took the Exhibitor Bred Champion title with Lucky Cow Princess Annabelle in reserve,  who was also Cornish bred Champion.


In the Interbreed Pairs competition on the Friday morning, our well matched Guernsey pair of Champion and Reserve were placed a creditable 3rd behind the Holstein and Jersey entry and standing above the Shorthorns and Ayrshires.


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