Royal Cornwall Show June 7th-9th 2018. Judges Comments now available.

There were 10 animals forward from 5 Exhibitors at the this year’s Royal Cornwall Show. Judging was Mr Colin Evans from Carmarthen S. Wales and he found his Champion in Trewey Bruce Plum Crazy 23 from David Mann. In Reserve was Lucky Cow Princess Annabelle from Pollard and Coryn. Thanks to all Exhibitors and handlers for their participation in this year’s Show particularly Nicola, Chloe and James Bottom who stepped in and offered to bring the cattle for David Mann when they became victim of TB troubles. Also to Neil Sales and Heather Limond who looked after Richard Normans animals at the last minute.

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Here are the full results.

Colin Evans Reports.

I was honoured to be asked back to judge at this year’s Royal Cornwall show. There were only 10 animals forward, but in each class there was a worthy winner.

Maiden Heifer under 12 months.

Class 1 led off with a Maiden Heifer, Trewey Victor Joanne 9. This was indeed a very stylish heifer which is what I am looking for in the modern Guernsey Breed, clean and sharp over the shoulder and very stylish on parade. She tracked well on four good feet and legs, with a promising udder forming.

  1. D. Mann. Trewey Victor Joanne 9.

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Heifer Under 2 years.

Class 2 was the heifer under two years of age, with an easy winner of Avalon Fernando Indus. She was a big powerful stylish heifer with openness of rib, big wide girth and openness of barrel which blended well into a strong rump and loin structure. It was this power that gave her the advantage over the second placed JeTaime Double L Bijou 2, a very correct stylish heifer and it was the correctness of the top line and tail setting that gave her the advantage over my third placed Vanda Lillian.

  1. Sales & Barnes. Avalon Fernando Indus.
  2. R. Norman. Je Taime Double L Bijou.
  3. C. Huins. Vanda Lillian, by Hercules.

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Heifer In Calf.

Class , Heifer in Calf was unfortunately another uncontested class with the very stylish powerful Dairy animal, Avalon Fernando Linda being a great example of a modern Guernsey heifer. She had true dairy character, powerful through the front end and was level over the top line.

  1. Sales & Barnes. Avalon Fernando Linda.

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Heifer In Milk.

Class 4 Heifer in Milk, with Lucky Cow Princess Annabelle being a worthy winner, She was very stylish throughout, with a very snug udder that was high and wide in the rear and blended in well in the fore. She was very capacious and stylish on parade and it was this power and style that gave her the advantage over my second place Trewey Jupiter Edna 14, not as fresh as my first place heifer and was obviously milking well in her first lactation. She had a very correct udder, but will need time to mature.

  1. Pollard & Coryn. Lucky Cow Princess Annabelle by Prince.
  2. D. Mann. Trewey Jupiter Edna 14.

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Cow in Calf.

Class 5 Cow in Calf, there was only one exhibit forward, Bourton Fiona 13. She was a cow that had matured well, walks well on four good legs and feet, very correct over the top line and still arries her udder above the hock. she should be one to look out for when she calves down as a senior cow.

  1. R. Norman. Bourton Fiona 13 by Double L.

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Junior Cow in Milk.

Class 6, Junior Cow in Milk, this was again a very worthy winner, Trewey Bruce Plum Crazy 23. A fine example of a modern Guernsey, being clean and sharp shouldered with openness of rib and a superb udder that blended in at the fore with the rear udder being high and wide, which given time to mature, should be an easy winner for years to come.

  1. D. Mann. Trewey Bruce Plum Crazy 23.

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Senior Cow in Milk.

Class 7 Senior Cow in milk, again with only one exhibit forward, Trewey Violet 13, and Aaron daughter that has proved the longevity of the Guernsey Breed and even at 10 years of age, the udder was still well attached and above the hock. Congratulations should go to David Mann for bringing her out in such fine form.

  1. D. Mann. Trewey Violet 13 by Aaron. (Dam of Trewey Victor)

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Group of Three.

  1. D. Mann.

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My champion for the day was Trewey Bruce Plum Crazy 23, who had the advantage in maturity over my reserve, Lucky Cow Princess Annabelle.

Champion Guernsey, Trewey Bruce Plum Crazy 23.

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My grateful thanks to all the exhibitors for bringing out these animals in such fine form after such a hard winter and cold spring, but particular mention should go to Nicola, Chloe and James Bottom who unfortunately had to relinquish their stalls due to trouble with TB, but had thankfully persuaded David Mann and family to support the classes.

Colin Evans.


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