Royal Cornwall Show 8th-10th June 2017. Judge Duncan Vincent’s comments now available.

There were 14 animals forward from 3 exhibitors at this years Royal Cornwall Show. Judge for the Guernsey Breed was Duncan Vincent and an early wet start cleared for the majority of classes.

Duncan found his Champion in Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender, a second calver now owned by Nicola Bottom. She was last years Devon and Cornwall Champion while owned by Pollard and Coryn and she was bred by Ian and David Crouch.



In Reserve was Trewarnevas P May by VIP, a heifer in milk also from Nicola Bottom.

P May

Hon Mention was Lucky Cow Princess Annabelle from Pollard and Coryn.

Here are the results in full:

It is always a pleasure to judge at the Cornwall Show and to appreciate the quality of animals forward here. In particular it was encouraging to see the Young Handlers, Megan Stratten, Chloe and James Bottom and J J, Matthew and Benjamin Grose, doing a great job. TB continues to decimate the entries, but still a good number of animals were exhibited.

Maiden heifer saw 3 animals forward with the Norman & Sales partnership heifer Avalon Indus strutting her stuff to the top spot. Great top line and frame with oodles of dairy character and she knew how to display herself. This tremendous show of presence gave her the advantage over the tidiness and balance of Avalon Linda whose maturity held off the diary youngster Linnette from Nicola Bottom.

Maiden Heifer under 12 months.

  1. Norman & Sales. Avalon Fernando Indus.
  2. Norman & Sales. Avalon Fernando Linda.
  3. N. Bottom. Trewarnevas Latimer Linnette.


Pam Coryn’s Annabelle took the next class, formidable capacity, top line and rear leg set, saw her jump to the top of the line once she had settled herself. The dairyness and composure of the Trewarnevas heifer by Lon, made her a very worthy 2nd with another Trewarnevas Lon showing similar dairy character in 3rd.

Heifer under 2 years.

  1. Pollard & Coryn. Lucky Cow Princess Annabelle by Prince.
  2. N. Bottom. Trewarnevas Lon May 7.
  3. N. Bottom. Trewarnevas Lon Lucy.



The in calf heifer class unfortunately only had one entry. Trewarnevas Fayette Evita deserved to stand top of the line, deep bodied and spring of rib coupled with a strong top line gave her a well deserved 1st.

Heifer in Calf.

  1. N. Bottom. Trewarnevas Fayette Evita.


As part of the In milk Heifer class, the Alstar VIP heifer from Nicola Bottom had the advantage due to her dairy character and balance throughout. The Brymor heifer exhibited also by Nicola took 2nd place with quality of teat placement and rear and fore udder attachment over the dairy VIP heifer in 3rd.

Heifer in Milk.

  1. N. Bottom. Trewarnevas P May by VIP.
  2. N. Bottom. Brymor Amanda by Rosewood Grandees Alstar.
  3. N. Bottom. Trewarnevas P Wallflower by VIP.


There was only one cow in calf and she was a tremendously deep bodied cow who showed much promise for the future.

Cow in Calf.

  1. N. Bottom. Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Margaret.

cow in calf

Junior cow class saw the quality and freshness of udder of Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender give Nicola and the Grose family another first ahead of their Amir Zena 7. She in turn had the advantage over Norman & Sales’ Bourton Fiona 13 due to her balance throughout and freshness of bag.

Cow in Milk.

  1. N. Bottom. Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender.
  2. N. Bottom. Trewarnevas Zena 7 by Amir.
  3. Norman & Sales. Bourton Fiona 13 by Double L.


Group of Three.

  1. N. Bottom.



A fitting tribute of respect for Dennis Warren was read out while the Championship animals and exhibitors stood in remembrance  of a dear friend and supporter of the Show and our Guernsey Breed. My condolences to the family on their sad loss.

My champion’s quality stood her well apart from the rest, showing strength and dairyness in abundance with a great top line and best mammary on the day. She was Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender exhibited by Nicola Bottom.

Duncan Vincent.

Chloe Bottom with the Champion Cow.



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