Royal Cornwall Show 2015

6 exhibitors and 16 Guernseys were present at Wadebridge  for David Mann to place,when for the second year running TB badly affected  the Guernsey section.

The calf class was contested by the two beautiful calves from the Adam’s with Trewey Legend Joanne placed over Wiltown Patience

Calf class

5 Maiden heifers saw Lucky Cow Lavender placed first with Sir Howard Guiness’s Graceful heifers second and third, with Wiltown Annabelle in 4th place.

Maiden heifers

3 in calf heifers saw a second win for the Coryn’s with Blacknor C  Dynamic Lavender , with Hinton Novak Nancy in second and the Addington Funds Trewey Plum Crazy in third.

In calf heifers

Two first class in milk heifers saw Blacnor C  Duchess from Abi Marshall with White Ladies Ruby 94 placed second.

In milk heifers

Two In milk Junior Cows saw the Devon County Champion Hamps Vallet Annabelle 7 taking on the very fresh Trerose Yogis Bracken from David Christophers and Bracken was given the first place.

Junior Cows

White Ladies had the winning group

White ladies Gr

The Championship was awarded to Abi Marshall with Duchess her first Senior Championship with Bracken as Reserve.

David and Abi

Les And Abi


  1. Well done to Abi, Tracey and Les. A reward for all your hard work on the show circuit . Also congratulations to the breeder of Duchess, Ian Crouch. David, would have been so proud to see the Blacknor Cracker animals back to the top again.

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