Royal Bath & West Show 2017

There were 9 exhibitors with 24 cattle forward for this years Bath & West Show at Shepton Mallet. This turned out to be the best show for Guernseys here for a long time. Judging the classes was Mr Jeff Daw who was very impressed with the standard of cattle on show.

Champion animal was Glanmor Hercules Okapi a seven year old cow from Daf, Helen and Tanwen Cox from S. Wales. Reserve was James Bartlett’s Hinton Sandra 4th. Hon Mention was Caroline and Mike Moody’s Latifa Princess Leia.


Here are the results in full.

Maiden Heifer under 18 months.

  1. Norman & Sales. Avalon Fernando Indus.
  2. Moody. Latifa Andante Mary 2.
  3. Norman & Sales. Avalon Fernando Linda.
  4. Adams. Briddlesford Levi Violet 2.
  5. Adams. Wiltown Nancy, by Hinton Assassin.
  6. Phillips. Burleaze Vampire Poppy.
  7. Lodor. Hinton Margaret by Gotcha.


Heifer In Calf.

  1. Guinness. White Ladies Ruby 95 by Aber Jupiter.
  2. Guinness. White Ladies Marius Graceful 12 by Jupiter.
  3. Adams. Hinton Rebecca by Hinton Assassin.
  4. Norman & Sales. Avalon Pinto Linda.


Cow in Calf.

  1. Phillips. Hamps Valley Annabelle 7 by Ghengis.
  2. Guinness. White Ladies Ruby 94 by Andante.


Heifer in Milk.

  1. Bartlett. Aber Jupiter Duchess.
  2. Adams. Wiltown Patience by Alstar VIP.
  3. Moody. Latifa Andante Mary.



Junior Cow in Milk 2nd or third calvers.

  1. Moody. Latifa Princess Leia by Andante.
  2. Phillips. Trewey Andante Jackie.
  3. Bartlett. Bourton Starlight 11 by Norman.
  4. Norman & Sales. Bourton Fiona 13 by Double L.


Senior Cow in Milk.

  1. Cox. Glanmor Hercules Okapi.
  2. Bartlett. Hinton Sandra 4 by Hinton Cedar.
  3. Moody. Latifa Whinwhistle Mary.


Group of Three.

  1. Bartlett.
  2. Guinness.
  3. Phillips.
  4. Adams.



  1. Bartlett.
  2. Phillips.
  3. Norman & Sales.
  4. Guinness.
  5. Adams.
  6. Moody.


Champion Guernsey and Best Udder. Glanmor Hercules Okapi.



Best Heifer, Sir Howard Guinness, White Ladies Ruby 95.



The Tom Emm points Trophy went to James Bartlett

In the Interbreed Group classes, Sir Howard Guinness’ group was awarded the Clare Trophy for the Exhibitor Group of Three.

The Interbred Pair Title went to Hinton Farms.


The Col. Bill Roberts Trophy for the Breed Society Group of Four was also awarded to the Guernseys with three cows from James Bartlett and one from Sally Phillips.



A big thank you to all exhibitors, young breeders and helpers, for making this Bath and West a truly memorable Show of Guernseys.

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