Potential Bull Mothers April 13

Tredinney Prince MilkmaidAfter the April Proof run the”potential” Bull mother list has been updated and as ever it contains an exciting mix of cows and cow families, there are 19 new cows/heifers on the list (1 in 3) which is much higher than normal. The highest new entry at No 2 is Bourton Clover 33 who sits behind her mother who has sat on top of the list for the last 3 years and keeps on having heifer calves! Bourton Clover 24 Ex 91 has increased her advantage with a new high of +£194 PLI up from +£175 in Dec 12.

The 54 cows/heifers are sired by 21 different sires and have 38 different maternal grand sires ( with 8 of the sires also grand sires) they are owned by 19 different herd owners and 10 of these herds have not yet provided a young sire for semen collection.

The average for the group is +381 kgs Milk, +32 kgs Fat+Protein, +0.01% Fat, 0.0% Prot +£109 PLI and +320 GMI.

Dairy Co show that the top 1% of the breed have a £PLI of better than £117.

When GMI was launched in 2001 the target was to produce a cohort of bulls that offered more than +25 kgs of Fat+Protein since then the breed has had two base changes (where the average gain for the previous 5 year period is added in and the breed average is set back to zero) the culmulative gain has been +21 kgs of Fat +Protein and so in practice the bull mother group are offering over +50 kgs F+P when compared with the 2001 starting point.

The full list is shown in the PDF on the right of the page those with names in red have bull calves on the ground, whilst those shown with names in blue are listed for the first time.

As ever pedigrees and milk records can be accessed using the Animal Search facility provided under the “Pedigree Links” tab

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