Okehampton Show 2015

David Christophers was judging and had more Guernseys to judge than the other dairy breeds put together,but they only numbered 9 after the late withdrawal of the Autumn Gold  team.

4 maiden heifers saw Wiltown Patience in first place with Trewey Legend Jo Anne placed second

Maiden heifers

3 in calf heifers saw a second win in a week for Wiltown Annabelle with the Addington Fund’s Trewey Plum Crazy in second place

in calf heifers

Fairfield Olivia whilst the only cow in milk present was a worthy winner and went on to retain the Championship.


Okehampton have two classes for Young handlers and in the Under 10.s Isabel Phillips was placed first with Oliver Carpenter placed second.


The second class was won by Abi Marshall, with Harry Crowter placed second and Abi was placed as Champion.

Abi and Harry






Champion AbiReserve Champ Izzy






The show also have an Open all breeds class and in this class impose an age limit on the calf, and so Izzy was not allowed to compete, a particularly crass decision as numbers of calves were short and on a miserable wet day she had stood in the rain for an hour whilst incompetent stewards failed to act with common sense or to apply the rule to other calves in the class.

Harry Crowter was placed first in his section of the Open Hanlers




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