Judges Workshop April 2016

The E. G. C. S. held its Judges Workshop on Wednesday April 6th at Hinton Farm, Mudford, Somerset, by kind invitation of the Bartlett family.


Unfortunately, only 3 Senior Judges were present including master judge for the day, James Warren.


Three classes were brought forward to inspect. In-calf-heifers, In-milk-heifers and In-milk-cows. In each class there was a standout winner, but the quality of animals throughout the line ups impressed the onlookers.

Cow in milk class.






Heifer in Milk class.

The Heifer in Milk Class


James Warren also gave an informative demonstration on judging procedures and how to keep spectators interested in what is going on in the ring.



Top scorer of the senior Judges was Colin Gleed, closely followed by David Mann. The probationer judges were topped by newcomer,  Daf Cox followed by Laura Barnes.


It was nice to see a group of Junior Judges who were led by Dolly Boyce and Heather Limmond.


Promising winner of the In Calf Heifer class.

Promising in calf heifer in first place.

A huge thank you must go to James Bartlett and family for allowing the EGCS to hold the Workshop on their farm and to the team of helpers who prepared the animals for inspection.

Outstanding winner of the Cow in milk Line up.

Outstanding winner of the Cow in Milk Class.


The Judges Standing Committee would like to put a call out for the return of the Burke Trophy medals. These are awarded to the top probationer Judge. Those of you who have won them in the past, please look in your cabinets to see if they have been pushed to the back. A description of this trophy, is two large silver coin type medals mounted in a Perspex/glass oblong on a wooden plinth.







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