Honiton Show 2015

The impact of TB restrictions was a factor at this show as only two of the regular exhibitors were able to bring animals.

The show opens with young handler competitions for Under 10’s and with 11 youngsters competing with Oliver Carpenter and Isabel Phillips showing their Guernsey calves.
Isabel did extremely well and was placed first with Wiltown Patience,

Izzy with Patience

Harry Crowter was our representavive in the Under 16 class and did very well as usual.


David Mann was judging the Guernsey classes and had three maiden heifers in his first class in which he gave Fairfield Lion king Bonnie first place with Wiltown Patience placed second.

Maiden heifers

Three in calf heifers saw a first win of the season for Wiltown Annabelle as she starts to mature nowshe is in calf, with Fairfield Novak rose in second place

In calf heifers

Fairfield Olivia by Aber Silver Flash was the winner of the cow in milk class for the Carpenters and paired with Novak Rose was placed first in the pairs class with the Adam’s maiden heifers second.

Fairfield Olivia

Olivia was placed Champion with Annabelle placed as Reserve Champion.

ChampionReserve Champion



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