Guernsey Island Heifer Show July 15

Brian Adams was very pleased to have been asked to judge the Heifer Show on the Island , with 20 heifers forward it is liely to be one of the biggest shows of the year.

Class 1 Three years and under and over six months in calf

4 in calf heifers saw St Catherine Shulah placed first for Robin Jamouneau, this heifer was close to calving and sit=red by a home bred Laredo son. Carol Allett was placed in second and Matthew Corr was third.

Class 1 heifers

Class 2 Two years and over and not more than 7 months in calf

Matthew Corr won the class with the homebred Matthews Twilights Mya

Heifer class 2

Class 3 Twenty months and under 2 years not more than 7 months in calf

4 heifers forward and Carol Allett had the first three from her Myrtles herd with Myrtle Scarlet by the homebred Rossini placed first

Heifers class 3

Class 4 sixteen months and under 20 months

First place was won by Carol Alletts Myrtles Holly with the Le Cocq familys HV Harebell Blue heifer in second place

Heifers class 4

Class 5 twelve months and under 16 months

Again three heifers forward and another Myrtles bred heifer Myrtles Honeys Hope was placed first, but she is owned by EGCS President Peter Richardson probably the first time an English breeder has won a class at the Island Show.

Heifers class 6

Class 6 under 12 months

with 5 forward this class was won by Myrtles Ivy from Carol Allett by the homebred Rossini with 4 smaller heifers from Matthew Corr taking the other placings

Heifers class 7

Brian awarded the Championship to St Catherines Shulah with Myrtles Ivy as reserve.

10 young handlers contested the two Showmanship classes and their enthusiasm was a pleasure to see, but with no scheme in place to help them farm on the Island their future involvement is sadly likely to be limited.

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