Future Golden Breeders at The S.W. Dairy Show 2017

The Future Golden Breeders were taking part in the Handling and Calf classes at the S.W. Dairy Show. Judging the calves and handling was Mr Jonny Lockhead of the renowned Kedar Brown Swiss herd.

In the handling section there were Any Other Dairy Breed Classes and in the first Class for 18 to 26 year olds we saw the return of an old hand. Stuart Hull, now 24, used to be a regular around the shows as he helped Wilf and Shelagh Andrews show their Happy Valley Cows.

Stuart Hull

The only other handler in the AOB section leading a Guernsey was 13 year old Hannah Garrett. who was placed 1st in her age group.

Hannah under 14 class.

Hannah was also placed 1st in the Under 14 age group in the Guernsey Handling classes that followed.

In the over 14 years category, First place went to Charlotte Limond, in second was Stuart Hull, 3rd was Ella Robinson and in fourth was Michael Dawes.

Guernsey handlers over 14 yrs old.

In the Calf classes, the Guernseys also paraded with the Any other breeds.

Calf born after 1 Jan 2017.

  1. Caroline Huins. Vanda Lillian by Hercules.


Calf born from 1st Oct to 31st Dec 2016.

6. Matt Blanch. H. L. Andrews Dot 2 Doris. (Carried  forward                from previous class, stewarding fault.)

7. Michael Dawes. Edgehill Pistols Graceful.

Dawes and Blanch

Calf born from 1st July to 30th Sept 2016.

3.   Sales & Barnes. Avalon Fernando Linda.

4. Michael Dawes. Edgehill Pistolls Holly.


Calf born from 1st April to 30th June 2016

2. Sales & Barnes. Avalon Fernando Indus.

3.  Emma Greenslade. Greensfield Flying Diana.

4.  Matt Blanch. H.L. Leopolds Fable.

5.  Michael Dawes. Edgehill gotcha Violet.

7.  Tracey Hooper. Autumn Gold Bramley Apple Crunch.

Indus class

The Guernsey Calves were pulled out for their own Championship.

Calf Championship (2)

Champion Calf was Avalon Fernando Indus and in Reserve was Avalon Farnando Linda. Hon Mention went to Vanda Lillian. (Editors note: All three calves dams carry the Bickfield prefix.)

Champion and reserve calf


Calf champs

Thank you to all Exhibitors and handlers for representing the Breed so well at this calf show especially to those handlers who stepped in to lead for various reason throughout the evening.



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