Frome Show 2015

Guernsey Interbreed Success at Frome Show 2015.

The Guernsey Breed was at the fore in the Interbreed Classes at this year’s Frome Show held at West Woodlands on Saturday September 12th. Bickfield Mary 34th, a first calf heifer by Beechgroves Ezekiel, from the Durbin Family, was awarded Reserve Supreme Dairy Champion by Holstein Judge, Tom Barrett, in a class of 7 other Dairy Breeds. (Frome Show must be one of the only one day Shows in the country to offer competitive classes across all Dairy Breeds.) Mary also stood at the top of an Interbreed Heifer in Milk class consisting of two Holsteins, two Ayrshires, a Jersey and Norman and Sales’ Bourton Fiona 13, who was placed fourth.

Bickfied Mary 34

The Durbin’s also won the previous Interbreed Heifer in Calf class with Bickfield Suprema 125 and the Dry Cow class with Bickfield Indus 7.

Earlier in the day, Bickfield and Avalon Guernseys were joined in the competitive classes by animals from The Addington Fund, Brian and Sheila Adams and The Limmond Family. Missing from the usual line up of exhibitors was Andrew Tilley who has unfortunately been hit with movement restrictions. Hopefully we will see a return from him next year. Judge for the day was Mr Richard Emm.

In the handling classes, Heather Limmond was reserve Champion Handler and Izzy Phillips continued to impress as she gains more experience.

Results area as follows.

Calf Under 6 months.

  1. Norman & Sales. Avalon Pinto Linda

Calf 6 to 12 months.

  1. Trewey Legend Joanne.
  2. Willtown Patience.
  3. Bickfield Lillian 36.

Maiden Heifer over 12 months.

  1. Norman & Sales. Bickfield Indus 9.
  2. Bickfield Sally 26.

Heifer In Calf.

  1. Bickfield Suprema 125.
  2. Addington Fund. Trewey Plum Crazy.

Dry Cow.

  1. Bickfield Indus 7.

Heifer in Milk.

  1. Bickfield Mary 34
  2. Norman & Sales. Bourton Fiona 13.

Junior Cow in milk.

  1. Bickfield Michelle 32.

Senior Cow.

  1. Bickfield Liz 16.


Champion: Bickfield Mary 34.

Reserve Champion: Bickfield Indus 7.

CH & Res Frome


  1. Why does this have to be the ONLY rellabie source? Oh well, gj!

  2. Durbin won a lot of awards then asserted on BBC’s “Hope and Glory” that he was a victim of bTB, blaming badgers for this. Whatever way you look at it, he was lying about something – seriously so if he was putting cattle from an infected herd on show.

  3. At the time of Frome Show, the Bickfield herd had undergone 2 consecutive clear TB tests and were therefore free to move their cattle to a Show or to market. Once you are clear of TB you then undergo 6 monthly testing and the herd went down again at the next test which was some time after Frome Show. Unauthorised movements within a TB infected herd are not allowed by DEFRA and the farmer would be heavily penalised for any infringement of those rules.
    Caroline Cox, EGCS Secretary

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