Export of Guernseys to the Netherlands

24 in calf and served Guernsey heifers and a yearling Guernsey bull were exported on 29th November to the Netherlands, a first export to the Netherlands.

They have gone to Mr Haan who milks his herd robotically and will supply the milk and cream to Pieter Kluyver who has been importing butter from Guernsey Island to re-sell to Dutch Ice Cream makers to add colour and improve the quality of their ice cream.

If the Guernseys do well then there is the possibility of another 100 females being wanted in the future.

The heifers came from the Hamps Valley herd (10) in Staffordshire, the Briddlesford herd (6) Isle of Wight, the Summerhill herd (5) in Warwickshire with 2 from Kenvin , in Devon and a Webbery heifer from Cariad in Somerset.

The yearling bull was  Briddlesford Daisys Alfred, a Grumpy son out of the 14 yr old B Gregs Daisy 6th GDM VG89

Marksman daughterKenvin heiferHeifers 2

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