Exeter Calf Show 2016.

Exeter all Breeds Calf Show was held on Thursday 1st September. Four Exhibitors had 11 animals forward for Judge Ben Etteridge to place. Ben also judge the Young Handlers classes.

Junior Class.

  1. Izzy Phillips
  2. Tom Horton.
  3. Layla Boye.
  4. Alisha Newton.

Intermediate Class.

  1. Denzil Brook.

Senior Class.

  1. Megan Kuliszewski.

Mature Class.

  1. Dolly Boyce.

Champion Handler was Izzy Phillips and Reserve was Dolly Boyce.






Special Mention to Izzy’s sister Harriet, who has been showing for the first time this week. Well done to both girls for a brilliant few days handling.

Harriet in second place.






Results of the Calf classes:

Calf born on or after 1st March 2016.

  1. Abi Marshall. Autumn Gold Bramley Apple Crunch by Legend.
  2. Marshall & Rockett. Greenway Yum Yum  by Legend.

Calf Born between 1st Dec 2015 and 28th Feb 2016.

  1. Abi Marshall. Autumn Gold Rio by Levi.
  2. Adams. Wiltown Nancy by Hinton Assassin.
  3. Greenslade. Greensfield Stars Glade by Andante.
  4. Greenslade. Greensfield Andante Pickles.

Calf born between 1st Sept and 30th Nov 2015.

  1. Greenslade. Greensfield Lady of the Manor by F M Lon.
  2. Greenslade. Greensfield Jo Lady Star by G. Tiller Star.

Calf born between 1st May and 31st August 2015.

  1. Greenslade. Greensfield Lady Star by G. Tiller Star.
  2. Adams. Hinton Rebecca by Hinton Assassin.

Calf born between 1st Jan and 30th April 2015.

  1. Greenslade. Greensfield Andante Star.

Champion, Greensfield Jo Lady Star.

Reserve Champion,  Autumn Gold Rio.

Hon Mention, Greensfield Andante Star.









Thank you to Tracey Marshall for the results.

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