EGCS Judges Workshop 2017

The EGCS held their Judges Workshop on Wednesday April 16th at Ponchydown Dairy, Blackborough, Devon, by kind invitation of The Greenslade family. There were six panel judges present and four probationers. Master judge was Colin Gleed and he and the other competitors had three classes to judge- Senior cow in milk, Junior cow in milk and Maiden heifers.

Top score of the panel judges was James Warren followed by David Mann, then Laura Barnes. Highest score went to George Thomas who was attending his first workshop with Dad, Alan, who had travelled down from Leicestershire.

Grateful thanks must go to Caroline, Martin and Emma Greenslade for their hard work in preparing the animals and to their helpers, Jackie, Elissa and Justina Langley, Dolly Boyce and Ian Crouch. Also a big thank you to James Bartlett for working out the scores.

Senior cow class


Junior cow class


Maiden Heifers


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