EGCS Judges Workshop 2013

First Place Heifer in Milk B. Indus 7Senior Class winner B. Sweet William 31

Bickfield Linda 35Ist place Junior Cow B. Alison 42



The cows pictured are Top Left Bickfield Indus 7 , Centre Bickfield Sweet William 31

Centre  Bickfield Alison 42 and Lower Left Bickfield Linda 35


Kim Sales who chairs the EGCS Judges Panel has submitted a report of yesterday’s workshop.


This year’s Judge’s Workshop was held on Thursday April 11th at Bickfield Farm, Compton Martin, Nr Bristol, by kind invitation of the Durbin Family. There were nine senior judges present including myself and Master Judge David Mann. Seven other participants completed the competitors for the day. Judging reasons, was Mr Jeff Daw of the well known Normead Holstein herd from Swindon.

Three classes were put forward, Heifer in Milk, Junior Cow in Milk and Senior Cow in Milk. As the Bickfield herd has been absent from the Show ring for three years, it meant starting from scratch in preparing the animals for parade. A special thanks must go to Laura Sales who halter broke and clipped all the cows and to Neil, my other half and my Step-dad, Rob, for helping with the washing on the days before the event.

Topping the Senior Judges was James Warren with a combined score for placings and reasons of 1665. Second was Colin Evans with 1654, followed by Duncan Vincent with 1645.

Richard Norman was placed first in the probationer section with 1606 followed by sixteen year old Jo Langley at her 1st workshop with 1570 and Chris Carpenter, also attending for the first time, with 1560.

This event will continue to be run every two years and Senior Judges are asked to make every effort to attend, as a lot of work goes into preparing the animals for inspection . We are planning our next Workshop for spring 2015, however Judges who couldn’t attend this time, are invited to The Warren Family’s World Guernsey Conference open day on 28th June at Tredinney Farm Nr Penzance. Volunteers to host the Workshop in 2015 would be most welcome.

Finally,a big thank you to The Durbin Family for hosting the day, David Mann for acting as Master Judge, Jeff Daw for judging reasons and to Digby Gribble for doing the scoring.

Kim Sales. (Chair Judges Standing Committee.)


Name Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Reasons Total
David Mann (Master) 546 546 536 1628
No. 1 Judges
James Warren 526 536 508 95 1665
Colin Evans 518 526 510 100 1654
Duncan Vincent 510 536 518 81 1645
Colin Gleed 518 536 518 76 1640
Phillip Cox 526 512 502 88 1628
Laura Sales 522 526 492 85 1625
Richard Emm 510 537 504 64 1615
Richard Norman 502 532 502 70 1606
Jo Langley 502 526 492 50 1570
Chris Carpenter 514 486 502 58 1560

Here are pictures of the cows in the order that David Mann Placed them in their class.

Heifer in Milk.

B. Indus 7

1. B. Indus 7 by B. Venus Stargazer.


B. Bee 24

2. B. Bee 24 by B. Venus Stargazer.


B. Suprema 105

3. B. Suprema 105 by Aber Golden Boy.


B. Marguerite 31

4. B. Marguerite 31 by Aber Golden Boy.


B. Golden Blanche 14

5. B. Golden Blanche 14 by Yogi’s Prince.


B. Linda 52

6. B. Linda 52 by Yogi’s Prince.


Junior Cow in milk .

B. Alison 42

1. B. Alison 42 by Nomar.


B. Titiana 11

2. B. Titiana 11 by B. Luxury Ambionic.


B. Phyllis 18

3. B. Phyllis 18 by June’s Royal Oak.


B. Duchess 31

4. B. Duchess 31 by Slindon Posie’s Ambionic.


B. Liz 14

5. B. Liz 14 by Amir.


B.Sweet William 37

6. B. Sweet William 37 by Buzzard.


Senior Cow in Milk.

B. Sweet William 31

1. B. Sweet William 31 by Elijah


B. Lisa 16

2.  B. Lisa 16 by June’s Royal Oak.


Bickfield Linda 35

3. B. Linda 35 by June’s Royal Oak.


B. Doreen 16

4. B. Doreen 6 by June’s Royal Oak.


B. Venessa 37

5. B. Venessa 37 by Chiller.


B. Blossom 37

6. B. Blossom 37 by Posh Paddy.


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