Devon County Show- Friday May 20th 2016. Judges comments now available.

This years Devon County Show saw 26 animals forward from seven exhibitors, an excellent turnout for the first major show of the 2016 season. Making a welcome return from TB restrictions were the Carpenter and Greenslade families. They were joined by Brian and Sheila Adams, Abi Marshall, Pollard and Coryn, Marks and Hooper and Norman and Sales. Judge for the day was James Warren from Penzance.

James found his champion in Heifer in milk, Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender owned by Pollard and Coryn and bred by Ian and David Crouch. She is sired by Four Winds Dynamic ET.



The Reserve Champion went to Abi Marshall’s second calver, Blacknor Cracker Weston Duchess sired by Eby Manor Weston, also bred by Ian and David Crouch.



Judge James Warren Reports:

It was a great pleasure to judge the Guernsey and Interbreed  classes at Devon County Show. There were seven different exhibitors with good entries in each class.

My first class was for heifer born after 1.4.2015 and there were 9 entries in the class with a 12 months spread of age which always makes it difficult to judge. I found my winner in Avalon Pinto Fiona who had the slight advantage over Hinton Rebecca for her sharpness over the shoulder, sweep of rib and width between her pins. My second heifer has a great promise of an udder and has tremendous strength and power and it was this that put her over my 3rd heifer, Greensfield Lady Star who is very dairy and correct. Special mention to my 5th heifer, Wiltown Nancy, who was one of the youngest but showed great potential.

Heifer born on or after 1st April 2015.

  1. Norman & Sales. Avalon Pinto Fiona.
  2. Adams. Hinton Rebecca by Hinton Assasin.
  3. Greenslade. Greensfield Lady Star by G. Tiller Star.
  4. Norman & Sales. Avalon Pinto Linda.
  5. Adams. Wiltown Nancy by Hinton Assasin.
  6. Marshall. Autumn Gold Rio by Maradore Aarons Levi.
  7. Marks and Hooper. Brymor Quizical 63 by L H Prada Nico.
  8. Carpenter. Fairfield Navajo Thelma.
  9. Carpenter. Fairfiled Legend Pauline.


My second class was my smallest and the winner here was Brymor Meadowsweet 90 who was a much stronger and deeper ribbed heifer than Greensfield Star of Stars.

Maiden Heifer born on or between 1st Oct 2014 and 31st March 2015.

  1. Marks and Hooper. Bymor Meadowsweet 90 by Mint Phonze.
  2. Greenslade. Greensfield Star of Stars by G Tiller Star.


The 3rd class was Heifer in calf with 3 forward and it was very close between the top two but I went for the more stylish heifer Greensfield Amir Sudley and although furthest away from calving, I felt handled her legs more correctly than my 2nd placed heifer. She was Wiltown Patience who looks like she is going to have a cracking udder and it was her udder and sharpness over the shoulder that put her over Fairfield Pinto Holly in third place.

Heifer in Calf.

  1. Greenslade. Greensfield Amir Sudley.
  2. Adams. Wiltown Patience, by Alstar VIP.
  3. Carpenter. Fairfield Pinto Holly.


Cow in calf was my 4th class with 3 completely different cows forward. Any of these cows could have won the class for different reasons but I went for Greensfield Lady Jay who was the youngest and it was her strength and power that put her over Blacknor Cracker Banger Boy Bramley who although a smaller cow has a great body and teat placement and it was her teat quality that gave her the advantage over the more mature cow, Summerhill Rosalie 2.

Cow in Calf.

  1. Greenslade. Greensfield Lady Jay by Trotacre Mr Luck.
  2. Marshall. Blacknor Cracker Banger Boy Bramley.
  3. Carpenter. Summerhill Rosalie 2 by Tiller Khan.



5th class was Heifer in Milk with 4  forward and I had a very easy winner in Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender. This heifer has a great udder and I loved the body and balance that she has. It was her height and width of rear udder and her stature that put her over my second placed heifer, Greensfield Grumpy Delight who is a real baby heifer and it was the youthfulness and snugness of udder that gave her the advantage over my third heifer Fairfield Bonnie who had been calved over 12 months but she still had the advantage over the fourth placed heifer for the balance and veination she had in her udder.

Heifer in Milk.

  1. Pollard & Coryn. Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender.
  2. Greenslade. Greensfield Grumpy Delight.
  3. Carpenter. Fairfield Bonnie by Aaron.
  4. Carpenter. Fairfield Novak Rose.


6th class was cow in milk and again I thought I had an easy winner in Blacknor Cracker Weston Duchess. This stylish very dairy second calver had the advantage over Fairfield Ezra Prima in 2nd place for this dairyness and height of rear udder. My second place cow does have a good udder with lovely veination and it was the fullness of udder that put her over the 3rd placed Webbery Violet 3rd who paraded on greater legs and feet that my fourth placed cow.

Cow in Milk.

  1. Marshall. Blacknor Cracker Weston Duchess.
  2. Carpenter. Fairfield Ezra Prima.
  3. Greenslade. Webbery Violet 3.
  4. Greenslade. Greensfield Stinky Poppy.


Next class was the group of three and I gave it to the Carpenters as their group were all full of milk but in the pairs class, I went for Brian and Sheila’s heifers who are like peas in a pod with great udder potential.

Group of three.

  1. Carpenter
  2. Adams.
  3. Greenslade



  1. Adams
  2. Carpenter
  3. Greenslade.
  4. Marks & Hooper.


Championship Line up.


In my Championship line up, I had 1st and second placed class winners and it was a ring full of quality and great for the breed. I eventually went for my heifer in milk, Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Lavender over the cow in milk Blacknor Cracker Weston Duchess as on the day she showed more balance in the udder and width through the front end. Honourable Mention went to my second place cow in milk Fairfield Ezra Prima.

Champion, Reserve and Hon Mention.



I really enjoyed my day with strong classes and quality animals in each and all the exhibitors are to be congratulated on their entries in what is extremely difficult times in the dairy industry.

James Warren.

EGCS President Maurice Durbin, presents Dawn Coryn with Championship Rosettes.




Worth a closer look are the first and second prize winners in the calf class.

Avalon Pinto Fiona shown by Heather Limmond.


Wiltown Patience shown by Izzy Phillips.



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