Devon County Show 2015

11 Guernseys forward from 4 exhibitors after TB restrictions prevented 3 regular exhibitors from taking part. The quality of the class winners was however top class and it was a pleasure to see a confident and accurate Judge in Dennis Smith from Oak Royal Holsteins making the decisions.

Two maiden heifers from Brian and Sheila Adams saw Trewey Legend Joanne 5 in first place with Wiltown Patience in second place two lovely calves as ever presented perfectly by Brian and Sheila.

Joanne and Patience

4 bulling heifers provided the best class of the day with the Coryn’s Lucky Cow Lavender getting a decision over Wiltown Annabelle from the Adam’s two top quality heifers, with Trewey Amir Poppy 29 in third place and Bourton Clower 49 for Abi Marshall standing fourth.

Maiden heifers

Three in calf heifers saw Hinton Nancy a very correct Novak daughter from the Adam’s pipping the Addington Fund’s Trewey Plum Crazy to second place with Abi Marshall’s  Kenvin  Marlon’s Lynne 34 in third place.


Abi Marshall had the winning dry cow with Blacknor C BB Bramley

Abi and Bramley


The Coryn’s and John Pollard produced Hamps Valley Annabelle 7 in fine style to win the In milk class and she went on to retain the Chamionship with Lucky Cow Lavender placed as Reserve.

Hamps Valley Annabele 7

Lucky Cow Lavender

Finally on the Saturday of the show the rings are given over to Handlers and Izzy Phillips was the winning Junior with 5 handlers forward and she and Patience make a lovely team , apologies for not being there to record the event.

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