Cowsmopolitan coverage of ABABCS 2018 – Judges Comments now available.

Congratulations to the Guernsey Calf Champions at the All Breeds All Britain Show!

Champion Calf Trewey Legend Rosie (Legend), R Norman.
Reserve Champion, Je-Taime Double L Bijou 2 (Double L), R Norman and
HM Champion Calf Kimcote Sam Cowslip 3 (Sam), AD & RM Thomas.
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Judge Colin Evans Reports.

I was honoured to be asked back to judge at the All Britain All Breeds Calf Show at Peterborough. It was nice to see an increase in quality and quantity since my previous visit.

The first class of the day, calf born on or after 1.3.18.

A first and second for the Thomas Family of the Kimcote Herd. In first place was Kimcote Novak Daphne 5, a really well grown balanced calf that showed great style and dairyness and it was the the overall style and balance that gave her the advantage over my second placed Kimcote Conquest Fragrant 6, another well grown calf that had the advantage in strength through the front end over the third placed Hinton Josephine 4. All four of the calves in the class looked full of promise.

The second class was calf born between 1.12.17 and 28.2.18.

Only two calves forward with Kimcote Conquest Peach 4 having the edge over my second placed Edgehill Ladysman Meadowsweet. The Thomas’ calf had just more style, dairyness and bone quality.

The third class was for calf born between 1.9.17 and 30.11.17.

This class was led by an easy winner from a class of six calves by Trewey Legend Rosie, probably one of the most stylish, balanced Guernsey calves I have seen for a long time. She oozed style and dairyness, with power through the front end and excellent over the top line. It was just the extra style that placed her above Edgehill Latimer Graceful, another well balanced heifer that moved well on good legs and feet and had the advantage in body capacity over my third placed Heifer Hurdlebrook MLK Paeony, another correct calf , but did not have the style of my first and second placed calves.

The fourth class was for calf born between 1.5.17 and 31.8.17.

A nice stylish, powerful calf at the top of the line in Je Taime Double L Bijou who had wonderful strength through the chest area and well balanced over the top line, whilst looking promising in the udder. It was the total balance that gave her the advantage over another powerful calf in second, Kimcote Sam Fresco 5 and it was the overall dairyness and power that gave her the advantage over the third placed Edgehill Latimer Holly.

The fifth class was for calf born between 1.1.17 and 30.4.17.

This was my final class of the day. A very powerful balanced calf Kimcote Sam Cowslip 3 topped the class and it was her dairyness and style that gave her the advantage over the second placed calf, Vanda Lillian, a very long stretchy calf with power through the front end and had a bit more style over the rump to my third placed calf, Edgehill Leopold Violet.

Champion on the day was the stand out calf Trewey Legend Rosie over the Reserve , Je Taime Double L Bijou with the Hon Mention going to Kimcote Sam Cowslip 3.

Congratulations to all the exhibitors for making the effort in preparing and bringing their calves to the All Britain. A little tip for next year’s show- check to trim any spare teats in good time as they can spoil the appearance of some really good calves.

Thank you to EGCS for the honour of being asked to judge Guernseys at this year’s show.

Colin Evans.





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