All Breeds All Britain Calf Show 2017. Judges comments now Available

What a wonderful display of Calves and Showmanship we saw at the ABAB this year. There were Quality calves throughout the classes and the standard of Showmanship was outstanding. Our young members were a credit to their parents and the Breed. Well done to all those who took part and thank you to all Exhibitors for facilitating their inclusion in the weekend activities. Interestingly, all the calves forward were home bred this year.  Also, a big thank you to Caroline Huins and Laura Barnes our FGB co-ordinators, for stewarding the classes so smoothly.

In the Showmanship Classes, the handlers took part in the Coloured Breed section and noteable performances came from Charlotte Limond who was 5th in her class and her sister, Heather, who topped a class of 18!

The top placed Guernsey Handlers in each class then went on to compete in the Guernsey Showmanship Championship. Champion was Heather Limond, Reserve was Charlotte Limond and George Thomas was Hon. Mention.

Champion Guernsey Showmanship. - Copy

L-R. Charlotte, Heather and George.

There were 21 calves forward. Judging the Calf classes was Iwan Thomas who was particularly impressed with the quality of animals on show and found his Champion in Avalon Fernando Linda from Sales and Barnes. In Reserve was Greensfield Flying Diana from Emma Greenslade. Hon Mention was awarded to Avalon Fernando Indus also from Sales and Barnes.

Championship line up with Judge and President. - Copy

Championship line up with Judge Iwan Thomas and EGCS President Andrew Payling.

It was particularly pleasing to see the new Breed Uniform on show by all the young handlers and how smart they all looked in the ring.

Guernsey Calves Line up. - Copy

Championship Line up in ring. - Copy

Here are the results in full.

Judge Iwan Thomas Reports.

The first class of the day saw the Junior calves represented by 3 great examples of the breed, with the eventual winner being Edgehill Leopold Violet, 2nd going to Highway Legacy Andrews Dot2Doris and 3rd to Edgehill Latimer Violet. My winner oozed breed character through the front end and gained the advantage over the very close 2nd for her added strength of crops and spine, slightly more correct rump structure and superior locomotion, second over third taking advantage of her greater scale and width throughout, especially through the rump, whilst also having a phenomenal depth and openness of rib. The third placed calf was the youngest in the class, who I admired for her breed character and depth of rib for her age.

Calf born on or after 1st March 2017.

  1. Michael Dawes. Edgehill Leopold Violet.
  2. Georgie Sweet. Highway Legacy Andrews Dot2Doris.
  3. Michael Dawes. Edgehill Latimer Violet.

Calf born after 1.3.17. - Copy

Edgehill Leopold violet. - Copy

In the winter calf class, I was presented with 2 very different calves, In making my decision, I went with Vanda Lillian in first place taking the edge over my second Edgehill Latimer Meadowsweet for her added width of chest, her better topline and correctness of rump, over a super dairy calf that possessed beautiful bone quality and tremendous skin texture.

Calf born between 1.12.16 and 28.2.17.

  1. Limond Family. Vanda Lillian by Hercules
  2. Michael Dawes. Edgehill Latimer Meadowsweet.

1.12.16-28.2.17 - Copy

Vanda Lillian - Copy

My third class, the autumn calf, saw a strong class of heifers forward with once again quality right down the line, but I found myself an easy winner in Avalon Fernando Linda, a calf that had superb style and presence, it was this style and her overall correctness, especially her openness of rear rib, rump structure and tremendous locomotion, that gave her the advantage over the second, Kimcote Bruce Diesel 5, she in turn, edged out the third placed, Kimcote My Dear June for her extra height and strength of front end, length and depth of body, whilst 3rd took the advantage over 4th, for her depth of rib and bone quality.

Calf born between 1.9.16 and 30.11.16.

  1. Sales & Barnes. Avalon Fernando Linda.
  2. Alan Thomas. Kimcote Bruce Diesel 5.
  3. Alan Thomas. Kimcote My Dear June 3.
  4. Michael Dawes. Edgehill Pistoll Graceful.

1.9.16-30.11.16 - Copy

Avalon Fernando Linda. - Copy (2)

The summer calves saw a fantastic showing of 8 calves, with once again quality right down the line, and I found the pair at the top hard to split, but my eventual winner was Greensfield Flying Diana, who took the advantage for her added width of chest, openness of rib and locomotion over the close place second, Avalon Fernando Indus, who in turn, edged out the third placed calf, Kimcote Conquest Valerie for her style, width of chest, overall length of frame and correctness of the rump. Third taking the advantage over 4th for her stretch and length of neck.

Calf born between 1.5.16 to 31.8.16.

  1. Emma Greenslade. Greensfield Flying Diana by Lon.
  2. Sales & Barnes. Avalon Fernando Indus.
  3. Alan Thomas. Kimote Conquest Valerie.
  4. M & C Greenslade. Greensfield Baileys MK Francine.
  5. Alan Thomas. Kimcote My Dear Fresco.
  6. Abi Marshall. Autumn Gold Trish by Legend.
  7. Michael Dawes. Edgehill Pistolls Holly.
  8. Michael Dawes. Edgehill Gotcha Violet.

1.5.16-31.8.16 - Copy

Greensfield Flying Diana - Copy (2)

In the mature calves, I found another tremendous class, although a mixture of types, I found a pair of calves that fit the type I was looking for at the top, calves that had balance of dairyness and structural correctness, I eventually pulled in Highway Legacy Ripple at the top of the line, a calf I preferred for her overall balance, strength of spine and width of rump over the second placed, Greensfield  Andante Pickles, who followed so closely in type to my leader taking the advantage over Latifa Andante Mary 2 in third for her more feminine head, cleaner brisket and flatter quality of bone than my third, who in turn took the advantage over the 4th place for her strength of spine and locomotion.

Calf born between 1.1.16 and 30.4.16.

  1. Georgie Sweet. Highway Legacy Ripple by B. Bluebells Henry.
  2. M & C Greenslade. Greensfield Andante Pickles.
  3. C & M Moody. Latifa Andantes Mary 2.
  4. Alan Thomas. Kimcote Lon Pride 6.
  5. Robert Page. Blanches Levi Lily.
  6. Dean Family. Hoppickers Levi’s Mollie.


Highway Legacy Ripple - Copy

Then came the climax of the days judging, and it was so pleasing to see such a great line up of calves that were so uniform in the championship line up of 10, and credit has to go to all the exhibitors for this, for turning out such and exceptional show of  calves. My champion though, had to be a calf that ticked all the boxes  I was looking for, breed character, femininity, style, a strong top line and rump and tremendous legs and feet. In ticking theses boxes, I went with a calf that had caught my eye earlier in the day and set a benchmark, with my Reserve and Hon Mention following the same stamp of calf as my champion. Congratulations to the Sales and Barnes Partnership with their Champion, Avalon Fernando Linda and Hon Mention, Avalon Fernando Indus, and Emma Greenslade on taking Reserve with Greenfield Flying Diana.

It was an honour to be invited to judge the Guernsey Classes at the calf show, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed, with  the young breeders so enthusiastic about the Breed.

Champion calf, Avalon Fernando Linda.

Avalon Fernando Linda. - Copy (2)

Reserve Champion, Greensfield Flying Diana.

Greensfield Flying Diana - Copy (2)

Hon Mention, Avalon Fernando Indus.

Hon Mention Guernsey Calf Avalon Fernando Indus. - Copy






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