The Primrose’s at Tredinney and Laity Farm

The latest star to emerge from the Primrose family is Tredinney Yogis Primrose 29 VG 87, and she is 4th gen VG or better and traces to Laity Farm Primrose 88





The Laity Farm Primroses were bought by Dennis ,Rosemaryand James Warren in 2001 when FMD had stopped most movement of cattle and Chris Trewern who owned the Laity Farm herd found himself with a contract to sell his farm with vacant possesion, but was unable to sell his cows.

There was compensation available for adult cattle but nothing for youngstock and so Dennis,Rosemary and James did a deal to take all of the youngstock.

There were 10 different Laity Farm Primrose’s and all of those classified went VG or EX, most of them traced to a single cow LF Primrose 26 .they included LF Primrose 96 (Ex 95) who is the dam of T Yogis Prince 

LF Primrose 96

and LF Primrose 97 (Ex 94) To date three Tredinney Primroses have made Excellent, with the Silverado daughter T Silverados Primrose  21 currently Ex 93


Laity Farm Primrose 97 Cornwall 201010

Laity Farm Primrose 97 Cornwall 201

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