Good news on the Beta Casein A2 front.

One of our UK herd owners has just tested 52 Guernseys for their A2 status and all bar 7 were A2 x A2 or 87% A2 xA2, but given that the A1 and A2 genes are co-dominant ,this group of cows can be expected to produce milk that is 93.5% A2 .

Having had a chance to look at the pedigrees of the 7 A1xA2 animals, only 1 had a known a1xa2 parent on the sire side of the pedigree (Meadowcourt Ellys Eric) , 5 had known A1 x A2 parents on the dam’s side of the pedigree Tredinney Royal Highness, Tiresford Pedro ,Beechgroves Cornelius, Trotacre Jay Luxury and Tiresford Cabin Boy .

One animal has no obvious A1 xA2 in the pedigree and I have suggested that if possible the dam should be tested.

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