Devon County Show May 17th 2019

There were 8 entries from 2 exhibitors at this year’s Devon County show. The Greenslade Family and Les Rocket and Tracey and Abi Marshall were the ones to present their cattle for Judge Laura Sales to inspect.

Here is Laura’s Report on the Classes:

It was my pleasure to be asked to judge the Devon County Show on Friday 17th May. Though numbers were few, the quality of cattle in front of me was good.

First class of the day was for calves born on or after 1st April 18. With two entries forward, I found this class close to judge with two fantastic young heifers in front of me. However, I gave the advantage to Emma Greenslades’, Greensfield Dollars Diana,  for her overall style, dairyness and cleanness of bone. This calf was so feminine, full of rib and looks very promising for the future. Second place went to her herd mate Greensfield Phil’s Amir Sudley. Another fantastic heifer, who walked on great legs and feet with a strong top and showing a lot of promise also.

The second class was for heifer calves born between 1st Oct 17 and 31st March 18. One entry forward in this class, Greensfield Bailey’s Polly. This heifer was much like my previous two calves, hard topped and stylish, walking on good legs and feet and promising underneath.

Two entries in the in calf heifer class and it was a win for Tracey Marshall with strong heifer Trewey Legend Zelah, who had the advantage over and clean dairy type heifer in 2nd placed from the Greenslades, Greensfield Phil’s Delight. The 1st placed heifer took favour for her correctness in the rear leg and how she paraded.

Only one entry in each of the senior classes but I had in front of me a senior dry cow, she was Greensfield Lady Jay, she was full of frame, length and depth, walking on superb legs and feet.

A dairy in milk heifer from Abi Marshall, Autumn Gold Trish, and an in milk cow from the Greenslades, Greensfield Jackpot Gladioli, who had a good udder full of milk with plenty of dairyness and rib, were the only milk animals forward.

Autumn Gold Trish.


Greensfield Jackpot Gladioli.

Group of three.


Championship line up.

I awarded the Champion rosette to the In milk cow for her maturity and correctness and fullness of udder. Reserve went to the calf from the 1st class for that style and promise. My thanks goes to the Greenslades and the Rockett / Marshall familes for representing the breed at the show.

Emma Greenslade receiving the Champion rosette from Judge Laura Sales.

Champion Guernsey, Greensfield Jackpot Gladioli.



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