All Britain All Breed Calf Show 2019.

This year’s ABAB Calf Show was held at the East England Show ground, Near Peterborough, on the weekend of 18th-20th October. Twenty-one calves from 7 Exhibitors were forward. There were also seven Guernsey Handlers taking part in the Coloured Breeds Showmanship section on the Saturday which was judged by Clare Swale.

Junior handlers, aged under 12 years were, Rose Harrison and Rosa Brown. (Also in this class was Hattie Phillips who was well placed in second, leading her Jersey.)

In the second Junior handlers, Jasmine Wells was representing the Guernseys and was placed 11th.

Representing the Breed in the 13 to 15 years category was Hannah Garrett and George Moore.

The Senior Handlers class saw brother and sister, Michael and Shannon Dawes against each other with Micheal getting the upper hand. (Also in this class with her British Friesian, was Abi Marshall, who went on the be Champion Handler for that breed.)

Also elsewhere, Izzy Phillips was placed 6th in her relevant Holstein Class and Elissa Langley placed 8th in her age group.

In the Guernsey Showmanship Championship, Micheal Dawes was Champion, Jasmine Wells was Reserve and Shannon Dawes, Hon Mention.

The Calf Classes on the Sunday were judged by Emma Murray.

Here are the results:

Calf born on or after 1st March 2019.

1. A&R .Thomas. Kimcote Claret Georgina 9

2. M Dawes. Edgehill Ernie Violet 2.

3. Hinton Farm. Hinton Beatrice 8 by Juno’s Arthur.

Calf born between 1st Dec 18 and 28th Feb 19.

1. M. Dawes. Edgehill Lady’s Man Freda 2.

2. A&R Thomas. Kimcote Bruce Angel 8.

Calf born between 1st Sept and 30th Nov 18.

1. R. Norman. Lower Keigwin Claude Blue Bubble.

2. M. Dawes. Edgehill Latimer Freda.

3. M. Dawes. Edgehill Latimer Graceful 2.

4. D. Gribble. Greensfield Dollars Coppin.

5. Hinton Farms. Greensfield Jacks Francine.

Calf born between 1st May and 31st Aug 18.

1. M C & E. Greenslade. Greensfield Dollars Diana.

2. A&R Thomas. Kimcote Knight Mayqueen 6.

3. R. Kite. Cottonhall Rich Rosebud.

4. M. Dawes. Edgehill Ernie Violet.

5. N&S Phillips. Burleaze Sampson Pamabella.

6. Hinton Farms. Hinton Josephine 4.

Calf born between 1st Jan and 30th April 18.

1. A&R Thomas. Kimcote Conquest Peach 4.

2. A&R Thomas. Kimcote Conquest Fragrant 6.

3. D. Gribble. Mundowy Novak Rio.

4. R. Norman. Je-Taime Fernando Blessing 2.

5. Hinton Farms. Greensfield Phils Lucky Star.

Champion Guernsey, Kimcote Conquest Peach 4 from The Thomas Family.

Reserve, Greensfield Dollars Diana from the Greenslade Family.

Hon Mention from Micheal Dawes, Edgehill Lady’s Man Freda 2.

The newly presented Chiddingstone Points cup for the most points in the Guernsey Calf Classes was awarded to the Thomas Family with Michael Dawes in Reserve.

Also Presented were the Handling Points Cups for the most points throughout the Show season .

Senior, Micheal Dawes

Intermediate, Abi Marshall

Junior, Jasmine Wells.

Photographs will follow shortly.

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