Semen from Island of Guernsey

Very welcome news that conventional semen only from Island bulls will now be available from UK Sires Direct.

The Society can also accept orders for the following two bulls that are currently available, De Garis Chieftain Storm and Meadow Court Dellas Sundance @ £10 per straw + £15 handling + £40 delivery. In the past before the export of semen from the Island was suspended, the Society would have placed a larger order with them and promoted it accordingly. As we are now trying to concentrate on our marketing of 4M Sexed semen in favour of conventional semen because of the pressure we are all under from new legislation on bull calves from the milk buyers in the UK I have not included their pedigrees in the Newsletter but they are posted under Semen for Sale on this website, but please be aware that the semen is available if required.

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