New Website feedback welcome

Having discussed the new website design at our Society Council meeting on Wednesday 6th November, we would like to invite both members and non members to provide their feedback and suggestions to both the visual design and the technical requirements listed in the specification document.

Links to the current designs*:

Desktop –
Mobile –

*These are a series of flat, visual designs which you can click through on the ‘hot spots’ to see other pages, feel free to do so.

Link to the specification document*:


*The specification document is a written account of the new website functionality. Coupled with the designs, this serves as the blueprint in which the new website will be built upon.

When providing feedback, please be as accurate as you can. Where possible, please provide the full URL of the design in question.

Deadline for feedback: Wednesday 20th November 2019.

Any feedback and/or requests submitted after this time will not be included in the initial, phase 1 launch of the new website but will be considered as part of later website development after the new website has been launched.

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