Guernsey International Issue & World Conference 2019

Cheri Oechsle writes:

Neil Jensen was kind enough to provide contact information along with those that were available on the WGF site. I am reaching out regarding two opportunities.
The first is a potential partnership with Hostein International to produce a Guernsey International edition, similar to what they currently do with their Brown Swiss International. It is a publication soley centered around the Guernsey breed around the world. Their emphasis of course is Holstein and they have developed their Brown Swiss contacts being located in the Netherlands. I have met with the Publisher, Berber van Amerongen and she is interested in the idea provided we can help offer assistance both with contacts throughout the world, potential financial help with mailing to our various members/subscribers and of course advertising.
The AGA is very interested in working with them to create this publication to increase the demand for Guernsey cattle world wide. I am reaching out to see if and what potential interest others may have as well.
The second opportunity is one of future notice. Purebred Publishing, publishers of the Guernsey Breeders’ Journal plans to publish a Special Edition for the World Guernsey Conference in 2019 to be hosted in the US. We would like to offer each country the opportunity to provide both content about Guernseys in their country as well as advertising opportunities to both the associations and members. My question to you is your thoughts on your country’s participation in regard to advertising. As we plan for this special piece – do you think your members would welcome the opportunity to advertise their farms and cattle individually, regionally, with just one ad promoting joint farms or the association? We have produced these pieces before for other breeds and it has worked multiple ways. I thought I would ask your preference and thoughts on the subject as well as your future help with contacts.  We will be rolling out plans and ideas in early 2018 to allow for budgeting and time to prepare content if you choose to participate.
I appreciate your time and would welcome your thoughts back on both opportunities within the next 30 days. Thank you in advance.

Cheri Oechsle
Managing Editor
Purebred Publishing
American Guernsey Association
Columbus, Ohio
~ Ayrshire Digest, Brown Swiss Bulletin, Guernsey Breeder’s Journal, Milking Shorthorn Journal

We should first do what’s Necessary, then do what’s Possible, and then we would find ourselves doing the Impossible. – St. Francis of Assisi

The Society would welcome your opinion on this incentive or alternatively contact the EGCS Office on 01822 870727 prior to the November Council meeting on Tuesday 7th November where this matter will be discussed further.


  1. When and where is the next World Guernsey Convention?

  2. 9th – 12th June 2019 at Lancaster PA with a minimum 2 week Pre Conference Tour in Texas

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