Guernsey Heifer Calves for the Netherlands

EGCS have received an enquiry for 60 heifer calves for export to the Netherlands to form a new milking herd in 2015. The enquiry was made because of the high natural level of Beta Casein A2 within the breed.

EGCS are trying to establish the health protocols required before export and have invited the prospective buyer to come to the UK to visit some of our herds.


  1. Are there Guernsey Herds in other European countries outside the UK? Or this one of the first instances.. This is exciting news! I hope you can make it happen.

  2. Hi Brent,
    There have been small numbers of Guernseys in Ireland, France and Italy but nothing of the proposed scale of the Dutch operation. I have invited the prospective Dutch buyer to join the tour of English herds in the last week of June where he will be able to see nearly 2000 cows in 11 herds in the week.

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