Guernsey Grand Championship at Dairy Day 2021

Results from the Guernsey classes at Dairy Day 2021, this year the EGCS National Show, kindly judged by Dawn Coryn. Dawn reports, ‘it was my privilege to Judge at 2021 following the postponement of “life” in 2020. Great to see competition back, a shame there was not more forward but some tremendous individuals exhibited. Well-done to all involved getting the wheels in motion & thankyou to officials & ring stewards for the memorable day!’

Guernsey Heifer in Milk

Sponsored by Waikato Milking Systems UK

  1. Tredinney Novak Marshmallow 6 (RJ & JR Warren)
  2. Cotonhall D L Mayblossom (R D Kite & Son)
  3. Kimcote Claret Lilac 11 (A D & R M Thomas)
Dawn’s comments:
I lead the class with the most complete animal, catching my eye immediately with her superior style on parade. A heifer with width of heart from the front, superior forerib & spring of barrel, squareness of rump helped to show off her high & wide rear udder, in addition to her locomotion, using her pastern strength to move freely as if on train tracks. It was this overall strength, scale, chest & rump – particularly pin width that gave her the advantage over my 2nd place heifer.
2nd was “udderly” glorious, this heifer stood out as Best Udder Class. Super silky with height & width in the rear, a clearly defined ligament, best teat quality, especially front, The immensely long, tight & blended fore udder attachment pipped my top animal for this ribbon.
2nd over 3rd, I gave advantage in particular for fullness of udder & bloom. This was the tallest heifer, the longest & deepest individual. I admired her highly textured mammary system that looked uber milky. A real shame she did not have a full udder on the day against two that came out all guns blazing.

Guernsey Junior Cow in Milk (having had 2 or 3 calves)

Sponsored by Scarsdale Vets

  1. Tredinney Echo Alicia (RJ & JR Warren)
  2. Tredinney Rider Bunty 13 (RJ & JR Warren)
  3. Trewey Legend Rosie 19 (P Whetham & R Norman)
  4. Kimcote Conquest Valerie (A D & R M Thomas)
Dawn’s feedback:
I like cows that have natural wedge; my winner fulfilled the brief!
It was the style & breed character in the head, extra height through the clean front end, length of neck, chine rise in the shoulder, extra rib length in the barrel for me that won me over – I loved her frame. From every angle this cow had such a balanced strength & quality about her, with simply outstanding mobility.
The cleaner thigh allowed the udder to sit more snugly was also an area of particular advantage over 2nd – coupled with that extra charisma, more capacity with openness in the rib. In the udder too, the teat quality was a factor – although I did admire the fulness of udder of this 2nd Junior cow, an everyday kind of herd cow that one could never get tired of working with.
2 over 3 was this bloom & fullness of a level udder, showing greater width in the mammary with more squarely placed teats than my clean skinned flat boned 3rd.
3rd over 4th the battle of the machines. I selected the truer type junior cow, who retained way more youthfulness, walking with superior mobility & a leveller rump.
In 4th though, was certainly the deepest cow of the day – what a powerhouse with an immense frame!

Guernsey Senior Cow in Milk (having had 4 calves or more)

Sponsored by Westpoint Farm Vets

  1. Tredinney Harrys Lilian 10 (RJ & JR Warren)
  2. Severn Ivors Sweetpea (J R Edwards)

Dawn’s thoughts:

My 1st placed cow followed the cut of my previous class winner. Strength with balance, substance with quality, moving freely on sound legs & feet making life look easy carrying her udder with ease; yes, I would like to see her in fresh clothes but just too much cow in a show ring for my 2nd place animal to handle but I would like to give a special mention to the exhibitor of this little 9yr old Senior cow that looks a real profitable sort that I feel punches above her weight at home whilst at work.

Guernsey Grand Championship

Judge: Dawn Coryn

Sponsored by The Cattle Information Service (CIS)

Champion: Tredinney Echo Alicia (RJ & JR Warren)

Reserve Champion: Tredinney Harrys Lilian 10 (RJ & JR Warren)

Honourable Mention: Tredinney Rider Bunty 13 (RJ & JR Warren)

Dawn’s thoughts:
Championship was the complete Junior Cow that oozed such quality & grace.
Reserve Champion was easy life looking Senior Cow that matched my Champion so well.
Honorable Mention was the Runner Up Junior Cow – All seasons, everyday modern kind.


Championship pictured below:

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