Future Golden Breeders and Calf Classes at Royal Bath & West.

The Young Breeders were well represented at the Show this year. For the first time EGCS entered the Team Challenge where a group of three competitors took part in a 3 element task. Thirteen year old Rhydian Phillips was thrown in at the deep and completed the Stock-Judging phase . This was Rhydian’s first attempt and he gained 7 points for the team. 15 year old Charlotte Limond was the show preparation competitor where she had maximum mark of 10. Izzy Phillips, 10, was the final entrant for the showmanship and she had a mark of 9 giving a total of 26. The team were only beaten by one point by the more experienced Jersey Team and all three young people must be congratulated for a fine effort at their first attempt in this competition. More on this can be seen on Future Golden Breeders Facebook page.


In the Interbreed Showmanship classes, youngsters showing their skills were, in the 7-10 age group, Gilbert Loder, who unfortunately had to retire due to his calf being unruly, (don’t be discouraged Gilbert) and Izzy and Hattie Phillips showing their Jerseys. Unfortunately Izzy had the same problem and finished down the line, but well done to Hattie who won the class and was Hon Mention in the Championship.



In the 11-16 category, Charlotte Limond, Hannah Garrett and Rhydian Phillips were in action. Charlotte was placed 2nd and Hannah 8th. Poor Rhydian suffered the same fate as his predecessors and had to retire. It is a long week for these young calves and they do not always want to keep parading!


In the 17-26 class, the winner was Heather Limond who the went on to be Champion Handler for the third successive year. In reserve was Abi Marshall who was showing an Ayrshire so all three top showman have a connection to the Guernsey Breed.


The Calf classes took part on the last day of the show and in the Any Other Dairy Breed classes, the Guernseys were well placed.

1st Dec 16 to 28th Feb 17.

  1. Caroline Huins. Vanda Lillian by Hercules.
  2. Adams. Briddlesford Levi Violet.



1st Sept -30th Nov 16.

2. Norman & Sales. Avalon Fernando Linda.


1st May-31st Aug.16.

  1. Norman & Sales. Avalon Fernando Indus.


1st Jan-30th April 17.

2. Moody. Latifa Andante Mary 2.

4. Phillips. Burleaze Vampire Poppy.


In the Interbreed Calf Pairs the Norman & Sales duo came 3rd.

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