FOB Meeting Minutes 19 Feb 2020

A very constructive Mainland FOB Meeting was held on the 19th February – please see attached Minutes of that Meeting below, the decisions taken will be ratified at the Council Meeting on Thursday 5th March 2020.
In addition to the information in the Minutes the following 32 cows out of a list of 120 have been listed as potential bull dams and their owners will be contacted in due course to discuss their current pregnancies or planned matings.
Trewey Bruce Jerry 2
Tredinney Prince Maud 4
Tredinney Yogis Bunty 8
Trewey Leopold Poppy 35
Briddlesford Leopolds Foxglove 3
Trewey Rosie 7
Tredinney Prince After Eight 2
Trewey Amir Sheila 31
Tredinney Proper Job After Eight 3
Fairfield LK Bonnie
Aber Jupiter Harebell 5
Trewey Aaron Juno 98
Kenvin Mint Periwinkle 9
Beechgroves Navajo Chiquitita
Briddlesford Alstar Daffodil
Briddlesford Leopolds Lily 5
Tregallant Caspian After Gold
Beechgrloves Navajo Evita
Tredinney Laredo Alicia 22
Tredinney Harry After It
Beechgroves Salvatore Amelia
Bickfield Doreen 35
Trewey Leopold Juno 136
Tregallant Ezekiels Lady
Potthayes Calcium 7
Trewey Leopold Jumbo 23
Briddlesford James Primrose
Kenvin Gotcha Primula 95
Skeel Dot 6
Kenvin Fresh Amy 3
Bickfield Golden Blanche 17
Pottshayes May 43
Skeel Rosebud 99
Kenvin F Primula 96
Skeel Rosebud 108
Briddlesford Charles Bluebell
Pottshayes Mary 53

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