EGCS Accounts 2019

As there will be no Annual General Meeting in 2020 due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are posting the full copy of the Accounts for The English Guernsey Cattle Society 2019 on the website for the members information. If you require a hard copy of the accounts please contact the Office and they will be sent on to you.

Report from Chairman of Finance, James Bartlett.

E.G.C.S. financial review for the year end 2019

The Society has had a very financially successful year in 2019, with a doubling of income. We must thank Caroline Cox, our outgoing administrator, for much of this achievement. As she managed to broker a lucrative deal with Cogent breeding Ltd. The commission on their sales & the increased sales of sexed semen has significantly boosted our income, while most of the extra costs incurred by the deal were covered in the previous financial year. 

Many of the costs in 2019 have remained constant, with the exception of setting-up the new website & the back-dated payment for the Society’s office.

The Society is in a strong position for the years to come with a good surplus of cash at the bank, which includes the generous donation from the late Chris Watson, to help fund future planned projects. The major one, the mass genomic testing of the top & bottom 25% of the national herd, is due to start soon. We also plan to add to our investment portfolio when it is prudent to do so. 

I would like to thank all members of Council for their time & dedication to the Society, also to Nigel Kennard for his efforts in the “background” keeping the finances on an even keel and of course to Caroline for many years of considerate, helpful, supportive, tireless devotion to the Society’s members & the Guernsey breed. We wish her & her family all the best for a Golden future.

James Bartlett.

Chairman of finance.


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