Dairy Show 2021

This year saw the Dairy Show return with only calf and heifer classes. A big thanks go to all the exhibitors who attended a supported the show.
Dairy Show Showmanship classes.
Entries were a little disappointing at the dairy show Showmanship classes. Laura Sales was judging the handlers this evening.
Representing the breed in the age 16 to 20 year olds was 20 year old Millie Delneva and 17 year old Hannah Garrett who were placed 1st and second guernsey handlers.
In the 12 to 15 years Class, Rosa Brown, 13, was the only competitor and in the 7 to 11 years old class Daisy Wells, 10, was placed first and Oswald Loder also 10, 2nd.
In the Championship Veterinary Student, Millie on her first ever handling debut, was judged Champion with Daisy Wells in reserve.
Congratulations to all the handlers for their participation in the competition.
Dairy Show Results
Judges report to follow.
Guernsey Calf born on or after 1st Jan 2021.
1. D. Gribble. Chiddingstone Coco by Fernando Lyndon.
2. Gilbert Loder. Broadleaze Excalibur Margaret.
3. Polly Whetham. Emmaeve (dna awaiting) Rosie. ET.
4. Christine Langford. Rosedale GIgi by Spitfire.
Guernsey calf born on or between 1st Oct 2020 and 31st Dec. 2020.
1. D. Gribble. Chiddingstone Indigo Zelda.
2. D. Gribble. Chiddingstone Lorna by Grumpy Novak.
Guernsey Calf born on or between 1st July 2020 and 30th sept 2020.
1. Polly Whetham. Hinton Damson 8, by Yorkies Freddie.
2. C&M Moody. Latifa Brogdan Malteaza.
Champion Calf.
Chiddingstone Indigo Zelda
Reserve Champion Calf.
Hinton Damson 8.
Guernsey Heifer born on or between 1st April 2020 and 30th June 2020.
1. Polly Whetham. Emmaeve Excalibur Rosie.
2. Polly Whetham. Emmaeve Brogdan Peggy.
3. D. Gribble. Chiddingstone Henrys Rio.
4. D. Gribble. Chiddingstone Henry Olivet.
Guernsey heifer born on or between 1st Jan 2020 and 31st March 2020
To calve at under 3 years of age.
1. D. Gribble. Tredinnick James Genette.
Guernsey heifer born on or between 1st April 2019 and 31st Dec 2019
To calve at under 3 years of age.
1. D. Gribble. Hinton Lambeau Margaret.
2. Polly Whetham. Emmaeve Latimer Bear.
3. Polly Whetham. Je’Taime Lambeau Peggy.
Champion Heifer.
Emmaeve Excalibur Rosie.
Reserve Champion.
Hinton Lambeau Margaret.
Peter Down Points Cup.
Digby Gribble.

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