Brymor Maiden Heifer sale average £840 at Exeter Market

23 well grown maiden heifers moved from Yorkshire to Exeter Market found a tremendous trade on 11th September. The average was £840 with a top price of £1100 for Lot 245 for Brymor Graceful 22 she was by bought by Emma Murray who has high quality Jerseys and Holsteins on the farm in Wolverhampton.

The main buyers were the Champion family from the Redruth area of Cornwall who bought 8 which included Lot 236 Brymor Meadowsweet 86 for £820.

Duncan Dawes bought 5 for Michael Dawes developing Edgehill herd and they included Lot 244 Brymor Graceful 21 for £950

Berkeley Farms had wanted up to 10 heifers but were only able to acquire 2 including Lot 240 Brymor Almonds Birch 15 for £850.

Richard Norman who had bred the bull Cadbury Prettys Wizard who had several daughters in the sale bought 2 heifers including Brymor Bijou 39 for £900.

These heifers were for sale as they were surplus to current requirements of the Brymor herd which are milked robotically under contract by Tim Gibson, who delivers the milk to Brymor for the successful Ice Cream business.

The replacement heifers are reared on contract by Dennis Horner who had clipped all 23 and presented them in tip top condition.


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