Bickfield Venessa 37-Latest UK Guernsey to acheive EX 95.

Congratulations to the Durbin Family of Compton Martin, Near Bristol, whose 9 year old Guernsey cow has just been classified EX 95 4E. Bickfield Venessa 37 calved her seventh calves, she had twin heifers, in November 2016. She was inspected by classifier Mike Deakin in February who put her forward for the top ranking. Today she was inspected by Lynden Bustard, who had no hesitation in awarding her 95 points. Venessa has had a short show career due to TB restrictions at Bickfield, but was Supreme Dairy Champion at Frome Show in  2013 and was National Guernsey Show Champion at the S.W. Dairy Show in 2015. She is pictured here in 2015 having had 6 calves.


Venessa has peaked at 37 litres this lactation and has milked consistantly well during her life. She is sired by Spring Walk Icy Chiller. Here a picture of her in her working clothes taken recently.


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