2 Young Men seek experience with Guernseys

EGCS Office – I have recently been contacted by two young men, Chris Gardner and his partner Mehmet Bayrak, who are currently working with Holstein herds in Australia. They will be relocating to the UK next month and have applied to become members of the Society with a view to forming their own herd eventually. In the meantime they are anxious to find work, preferably on a substantial farm that has Guernsey cattle and has a showing background. At this time they do not mind in what part of the country they are based they are more concerned to find the right Guernsey farm that can help them build their future in the UK. They have both sent me a CV of their previous experience which I will release to a member who may be interested in helping them.
Please contact me on office@guernseycattle.com or 01822 870727 if you are interested in helping them.

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