£12K available to you for ADF


The Countryside Productivity Grant is NOW open…

… for applications to fund the ADF Automatic Dipping and Flushing system. The RDPE Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme is designed to help you invest in equipment to improve the productivity of your farm, which is exactly what the ADF system does!

Up to £12,000 grant available to you
The application grant is for up to £12,000 and can cover up to 40% funding.

Quick and easy application
The application only take 10 – 15 minutes, simply complete the online application form found here: https://www.cpsmall.org.uk/

Apply NOW
Applications are being NOW and are open until midday on 14th March, so you need to be quick! We can help you apply.

Call us on 01243 814030 to start your application
Or email us by clicking on here

5 reasons ADF is eligible for the productivity grant

  Save money by reducing labour and vets bills whilst improving milk yield

  Save time by automatically dipping the teats and flushing the cluster after milking  Reduce mastitis and improve the health of your herd

  Compatible with all milking systems to optimise your farm equipment

  Improve cow throughput taking the stress out for you and your cows

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W&P Ives from Park Farm received a grant for the ADF system:

“The RDPE grant helped us fund our ADF system. It greatly reduced our mastitis, sped up milking and reduced parlour time. The system has improved productivity on our farm and it has paid for itself within a short time. Our profit margins have increased because of ADF and the benefits continue.”
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