Lower Semen/Classification Charges from Jan 2016


The new pricing structure of semen will reflect the true cost to the Society which will in turn benefit those members and customers who place larger semen orders. There will be no minimum order size but the larger the order the greater the saving to the customer. There will be a discount of £1 per straw on the base price for Levy paying members.

Base semen price
Young Sire – £7.50 per straw (Levy member £6.50)
Proven Sire – £11.50 per straw (Levy member £10.50)
Sexed semen – £28.50 per straw (Levy member £27.50)

In addition to the base price the costs from our distributors for handling and delivery will be charged as follows:-
Handling @ £15.00 for each bull in the same order (i.e. for 2 different bulls = £30, for 3 different bulls = £45.00)
Delivery to Farm Flask = £35.00.
As an example – 20 straws of one Young Sire to a Farm Flask of a Levy paying member is 20 x £6.50 = £130.00 +£15.00 + £35.00 = £180.00 or £9.00 per straw Delivery to Genus = £10 +£3.00 per straw Delivery to a 3rd Party that charge the Society = at cost.

Registrations and Classification are the main stays of your Levy – register all your calves, cross breeds as well, and ensure that you classify all you heifers, good or bad, and your third calvers that have improved (the classifier will advise on this) and get the most out of your Levy – the Society is working for you, the member and your stock to take the Breed forward. The penalty of £3.00 per calf for late registration after the 60 day window will cease. Please keep up to date with your registrations through Telereg, Webreg or through the Office. For every birth in 2015 registered within the 60 day window (up to the 29th February 2016 for calves born in December 2015) you will receive a £1 per registration discount on your semen order. If you registered 35 calves on time in 2015 you will qualify for £35 discount on your next semen order. Keep up to date and you will earn a discount every year.


Every member will be allowed 3 free of charge classifications in the lifetime of any one animal. Ideally as a heifer, a 3rd calver and one other. Any additional classifications will be charged @ £6.50 per classification. Classification of bulls will continue to be charged @ £6.50 per classification.

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