SW All Breed Calf Show 2014

The S.W. All Breed Calf Show was held at Wadebridge, Cornwall, on Tuesday August 26th. There were 15 Calves for Judge Mark Davies to inspect and 7 young handlers were put through their paces. Notable performance came from 7 year old Izzy Phillips who competed in the Novice class against all breeds, coming first out of around 12 other handlers. Two other youngsters also took part in this class, William and Henry Eustice, who were showing calves from the Coryn Family.


Izzy Phillips wins the Novice Class


William and Henry Eustice.

Here are the results of the Handling Classes.

Junior Handler under 12.

1. Zoe Walters

2. Kerris Richards

3. Isobel Phillips

4. Chloe Bottom


Zoe and Kerris receive their prizes.


Izzy Phillips.


Chloe Bottom.

Intermediate Handler 13-15 years.

1. Joel Jelbert

2. Harry Crowter


Joel Jelbert and Harry Crowter.

Mature Handler.

1. Joe Curnow.


Joe Curnow.


Handlers Line up for Championship.


Champion Handler- Zoe Walters

Reserve Champion Handler- Joe Curnow

The Calf classes were keenly contested with entries from Brian and Sheila Adams, Addington Fund, Nicola Bottom, James Bartlett, Pam Coryn, Carol Gribble, Norman & Sales and James Warren. The standard throughout the classes was particularly high and it was nice to see the Coryn Family showing the calves they had recently bought from Ian Crouch.

Champion Calf was Bickfield Linda 68 by Andante, fresh from her success at Melplash Show where she was Reserve Champion, Any Other Dairy Breed. She was bred by the Durbins and is now owned in partnership by Richard Norman and the Sales Family.

Reserve Champion was Wiltown Annabelle also by Andante owned by Brian and Sheila Adams.

Hon Mention was Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Margaret by Four winds Dynamic ET, bred by Ian Crouch and now owned by the Coryn Family.

Here are the results in full:

Junior Calf-Born 1st Jan 14-30th June 14.

1. Coryn. Lucky Cow Lavender.

2. Coryn. Lucky Cow Dum Dum.

3. Adams. Trewey Amir Poppy 29

4. Bottom. Trewarnevas Thorn Linnette.


Intermediate Calf-Born 1st Sept 13- 31st Dec 13.

1. Adams. Wiltown Annabelle.

2. Gribble. Cariad Annies Girl.

3. Bartlett. Hinton Gay Lass 12.


Senior Calf- Born 1st May 13-31st Aug 13.

1. Coryn. Blacknor Cracker Dynamic Margaret.

2. Adams. Hinton Nancy.


Mature Calf. Born 1st Jan 13- 30th April 13.

1. Norman & Sales. Bickfield Linda 68

2. Warren. Tredinney Prince Eclipse 21.

3. Bottom. Trewarnevas Lightening Annie.

4. Addington. Trewey Plum Crazy

5. Warren. Tredinney Prince Primrose 34.

6. Warren. Tredinney Prince Jingle 9.



Championship line up.


Richard Norman and Kim and Neil  Sales with Champion, Linda.

Thank you to all exhibitors, handlers and stewards for making the Show a wonderful day.

Kim Sales.

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