EGCS Annual Competitions 2013 Herd Awards

Two Trophies are awarded according to herd size and are for the highest weight of Fat+Protein.

The Large  herds (more than 65 cows) compete for the Tiresford Perpetual Trophy and the Winners are the Warren family whose Tredinney herd had the average for

108 cows of 7120 kgs at 4.70%BF ,3.56% P and 587 kgs F+P

in Reserve were the Griffin family whose Briddlesford herd had the average for

122 cows of 6976 kgs at 4.84% BF ,3.42% P and 575 kgs of F+P

The Eric Rose of Leweston Perpetual Trophy for Herds with( less than 65 cows) is awarded to Andy& Rachel Payling with the Oxlynch herd who averaged

60 cows avg,7628 kgs at 5.27% BF , 3.66%P and 680 kgs F +P a new EGCS record.

in Reserve were Sue and Martin Staples whose Woodlands herd have averaged

41 cows 7080 kgs at 4.72%BF, 3.40%P and 574 kgs F+P

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