All Breeds Calf Show 2015

16th October – What a turnout of calves this year, 24 out of the 31 entered, arrived on the Friday afternoon with their 11 handlers. Everyone was getting involved and helping out with the unloading, bedding up and settling the calves in – one big happy family. That evening the handlers enjoyed a demonstration so everyone knew exactly what the Judges would be expecting in the next 2 days. 17th October – The first day is always given over to Showmanship, a lot of pressure on some of our younger Future Golden Breeders. All the breeds except the Holsteins compete in the same class so big classes, over 40 in some meaning that they are divided into two. Class 1, the juniors, under 12 years, nearly 40 entered so there are 2 classes. In the first half, Izzy Phillips, just 8 years old came second. In the second half, Justina Langley came 10th and Hannah Garrett came 11th out of the 22 competing. Class 2 – Intermediate, aged between 13 – 15 years, not quite so many entered so 21 entries all in together. We are well represented in this class with Elissa Langley coming 2nd, George Thomas 8th, Shannon Dawes 9th, Charlotte Limond 10th and Margaret Thomas 17th. Class 3, the Seniors, makes them sound old but the competitors are between 16 and 20 years old. 39 entries, so the class is split again. In the first half Heather Limond is 5th and Michael Dawes is 7th. In the second half Andrew Thomas is 5th. The final Class 7 is for mature handlers between 21 and 26 years and Mike Moody represents the breed coming 10th out of 24 competitors. The breed competition was won by Andrew Thomas, who was awarded The Hilton Brooks Perpetual Challenge Cup and the new Future Golden Breeders Shield kindly donated by our President in 2015, Peter Richardson, both for this show and the calf classes at The Dairy Show just 10 days before. Thank you Peter, your interest and generosity is very much appreciated. 18th October – the calf classes take place on the Sunday and this year we were fortunate to have David Christophers judging the Guernseys classes who has much experience in showing as an adult and as a youngster and certainly had his work cut out today. Class 18 – Calf born on or after the 1st March 2015. 1st – Hinton Rebecca – Hinton Farm 2nd Edgehill Garrett Nia – M Dawes 3rd – Edgehill Garrett Violet – M Dawes Class 24 – Calf born between 1st December 2014 – 28th February 2015. 1st – Latifa Andantes Mary – Mrs C Moody 2nd – Hinton Sandra 8 – Hinton Farm 3rd – Edgehill Garrett Holly 2 – M Dawes Class 30 – Calf born between 1st September – 30th November 2014. 1st – Bickfield Lilian 36 – H Limond 2nd – Brymor Peggy 50 – Nowell and Norman 3rd – Trewey Legend Joanna 5 – B and SV Adams. Class 36 – Calf born between the 1st May – 31st August 2014. 1st – Brymor Graceful 21 – M Dawes 2nd – Kimcote Oak Claire – AD and RM Thomas. 3rd – Hinton Sandra – Hinton Farm. Class 42 – Calf born between the 1st January – 30th April 2014. 1st – Kimcote Double LFresco 2 – AD and RM Thomas 2nd – Kimcote Royal Oak June 2 – AD and RM Thomas. 3rd Aber Jupiter Duchess 17 – C Gribble. The Guernsey Championship was awarded to Kimcote Double L Fresco 2 (Andrew Thomas), Reserve was Hinton Rebecca (Izzy Philips) and Hon Mention went to Latifa Andantes Mary (Mike Moody). We encouraged our young members to take responsibility for their calves and the surrounding area and this year the Tidy Area Cup was won by the Thomas family.

Champ presentation

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